Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Custom Handbag

Early blog today, I am meant to be boxing up all the cards for the game fair, must do that next, and finishing off the last of the t-shirts. I got the card stand, hurray! we just have to hope the weather improves now, as not looking so good right now, worst bit is if the rain continue's the whole game fair may be cancelled which will just be terrible, people have worked so hard and my house is literally full of the stock for it, lots of lovely people have donated.

All ready with some of my bags - well, they are made, not bagged up as my packaging still not arrived, leaflets half printed, business cards installed in new handbag. My very own custom bag made so I can show people what I mean, a few pictures here so I can show off all sides, My own handbag is 'me' its in my colours, my favorites and hopefully to tone in with my Bags of Swank theme, my other life which is my dogs, past and present, and my logo from the fund raising oranisation - just about covers me I thought.

Creating this bag we have found the original pictures were the better ones, the transfer paper donated to us is not really good enough for custom handbags, so when I get some orders - which will of course be this weekend, she says............... we will order the transfer paper and fabric we used before as this is far better results, the pics of the Greyhounds on my bag are with the decent stuff, you might be able to see the difference, and the lurcher on the back too - results are far better.

Also ordered some more webbing today, as we need a tracking line for Alfie the Labrador's scent work, was going to buy one and found I have the supplies to make one myself, hubby suggested I make dog leads and collars for the show, as of course he seems to think I dont need sleep too - something I may consider for the future, but not martingales as my good friend at Collars and Woofs makes those, perhaps the clip ones and leads.

Thats it for today, better go get my chores done, dog training tonight so wont be about then.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

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  1. Wow! you sound so busy! Lovely bag and I am sure it will help to generate loads of orders.

    I have my fingers crossed for good weather for you.