Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Design Handbag

Here you have it, the first handbag with adjustable strap - quite proud of myself with that one. Also with 3 pockets inside and a proper messenger bag snap fastener. Looks like an Airedale to me, but could pass as a fox terrier I suppose? and busy doing agility like my dogs are doing this weekend.
I have also finished today my own customised handbag for advertising, with my dogs on past and present, inside loaded with business cards and soon to be flyers - which I know I still havent got around to showing off on here either, but as usual struggling for time.
On top of the mountains of ironing for this weekends show (hubby decided to print a stack of t-shirts, all needed ironing and bagging up) I have been desperatly trying to track down a greetings card stand after being let down twice, I finally found one from a super contact on Folksy, all paid for and packaged up when she discovers it will take too long to get here by Parcel Farce, so had a mad panic earlier, and just 'might' have got one locally via 'preloved' but still waiting for them to get back too, they have said we can pick it up tonight, so its that or another £7 for DHL to do it from the contact on Folksy. Whoops, email just in - fingers crossed we may have one tonight!
More soon, hopefully.
Bags Of Swank by SimJaTa

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