Friday, 5 March 2010

Hello Bloggers

Busy day today, but not so much on the sewing front. Busy doing battle with the local council, planning permission is going through this week to construct a cycle path through the sand dunes were I walk my dogs, there are people have walked their dogs there for 40 years its about the only place we can walk in peace away from the whiners and dog haters. It is also (supposidly) a protected area for wildlife, were we have Natterjack Toads and sand lizards who will be disturbed by this, but it seems they are now out of the equation after years of being protected. I just posted on my local town forum, only to cop a ton of abuse about dog mess for which you would think I personally responsible for the level of abuse I just took. Looking like a battle we are not going to win.

Anyway, that aside - I managed to finish the Golden Retriever Satchel/Handbag which seems to have come out well, will add that to the Folksy shop later on, here is your sneak preview. My next project is with horses by way of a change. Also had a card to design, something else I used to do but still have customers who return every now and again, usually at short notice ie last night, wanting one posting out today! So that was my first job of the afternoon. This morning was hair cut, I hate hair not had it cut since December and was well over due, much shorter and less hassle now, life is far too short to spend on hair.

Nice dog walk around lunchtime, beautiful day - warmer than of late and sunny sets one up for a nice afternoon after a nice walk and fresh air.

Hope everyone has a nice productive weekend x


  1. I can't believe these councils! I thought all sand dunes were protected?

    I know what you mean about hair...I haven't had mine cut for over 7 years!

    Lovely bag by the way!

  2. Mmmh, yes just been working on the conservationists and the Natterjack protection schemes - so fingers crossed.

    LOL, yes I have seen your hair on your profile Mick.

    Thanks for compliment, didnt make it to Folksy too busy on my crusade!
    Lynda x