Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

I couldnt find any roses to smell, so took some time out today to visit some new lambs. This Ewe decided to start early for our friends who were not expecting their first lambs till Tuesday next week. She gave birth to three, two girls and a boy. The girls are doing well, but the little boy lamb needs some extra help, so seen in picture is me bottle feeding little boy lamb today, not really a natural as most of the milk ended up all over me, but I did manage to get some down the little fella, and he is now starting to take it better, hopefully he will soon catch up with his sisters and be able to feed from Mum.
One of the reason's I was doing this is on my doggie forum, "Woof Beginnings" we are having some fun at giving all the lambs names, the winner for these three hasnt been announced as yet. So its my job to take pictures for the members so they can see the lambs they are naming.

Not a great deal of work done today, we have also just got the chance of our own dog fundraising stall at a local game fair, with three weeks to go, eeeeeeeeeek - so day spent sorting out some stock and designing and finding a printer for a banner. Same game fair I am taking some of my bags too, which I am supposed to be creating a tad quicker than I am doing, still a whole three weeks to go yet, LOL - sleep? isnt that for whimps?


  1. Ahh bless, they are lovely. Love the pictures too. Off to check your other www addresses. Linda

  2. Fantastic pictures...they do look like naturals when posing for the camera! Mick