Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello All
Quick one tonight, and no piccies as I cant get at them atm. I just wanted to say thank you for my Sunshine Award, and sorry to the last two lovely people for nominating me. Are you ready for this? I have been waiting to see if I won one of the nominations, yes go on laugh cant say I blame you. I thought you waited to see if you won. So, tomorrow night when I have hubby to help me I will try to add it here with a proper thank you, and send my own nominations out.

Not much done today, I spent the afternoon attatched to the phone sorting out an article in the local press - sadly not for my crafts but from the geneology I did last year, when I found out about the child migrants in the family shipped off to Australia, I have never been able to find them and the local paper are running a feature on this subject and going to help. So, as I needed to find all the photo's and actual dates, there went my afternoon of sewing. Also decided my current Rough Collie handbag may well be my last on Folksy for now, and I better start creating some stock for the craft fairs, a friend who runs a dog supply stall is going to try do some selling for me.

I did spend some valuable time on the Folksy forum today, were I learnt what I 'should' be wittering on about here, thanks to Niftyknits and another expert - as you can see I havent exactly put that into practice yet.

So, thats it for tonight (and this was meant to be short) tomorrow should 'hopefully' be the Sunshine Awards:)

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