Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First of all thank you to my fellow bloggers without whom I was at a loss of what on earth to witter on about today. (I had to read yours first).

I managed to finish the handmade gundog handbag today, again I am not sure about it now? Anyone else suffer from looking at something so long you cant really tell if its any good or not by the time you are finished? Anyway, thats today's picture - later on I will add some bags to the Folksy shop I really must get that done. I have cut out the next handbag, its going to be a 'Golden Retriever' one (hopefully).

I am having withdrawal symptoms from the charity shop, not been for days - very short on time this week, hope to get there on Friday though a friend of mine has picked up some bits for me so need to get to her at some point to see what goodies she has for me. I also am lucky enough to have a friend in the Midlands who manages a charity shop and sends me lots of bits and pieces, I love her parcels. If you are reading this Liz, please hurry up with your pictures so I can get that bag done with your dogs on as a thank you.

Also, if any doggie folk out there can send some healing thoughts to the Goldie I walk 'Bailey' (seen in pictures below) he has been very poorly, been to see the vet today but was a very sick dog earlier if he is no better by Thursday could be looking at xrays and or surgery, his 'dire rear' has gone on far too long now and is a bit worrying. He is only 4 years old so hopefully is nothing to sinister and will clear up soon. Get Well Soon gorgeous boy.


  1. Love the bag and guess what, it has my fave dog on it A Setter, fab,fab,fab.