Thursday, 26 April 2012

Coming soon to Etsy

First of all I do apologise for the look of my blog, blogger 'forced' me to update it and I really do not understand it at all, so its now an awful colour scheme till I can work out what to do with it, seriously thinking of just starting again elsewhere. I am also now finding it very difficult to follow other blogs, as my faithful list has disappeared and I have to go in search of others new posts, so again if I miss you I am so sorry, will try find some time to sort it all out soon, even if it does mean starting again and putting up a new link here. Hopefully somewhere on this post has appeared a preview of one of the cards I have been working on, I have just draft listing a few cards to add to my Etsy shop, my dreams of filling it with wondeful art works are taking a bit longer than I had hoped so had to think of something I could do to keep it going, and still give me enough free time to sketch and paint, with plenty of much needed practice, I will get there just taking a bit longer than I thought. Sales of bags are down everywhere, shows how things are going not enough spare cash for anyone for treats these days, so little point in getting the sewing machine out for more bags, I am still using it though to have fun with cards, I am working on some patchwork card designs, everyone buys cards... right? The cards drafted to go in the shop are a mixture of fabrics, stamps (my new love in life, I do love ink stamping, what fun!) and I have added a couple of sketches to see how they go, gulp... Hope everyone is ok out there, believe there are a few flood alerts around the UK, not too bad here, got a bit wet on the dog walk this morning but first time in longer than I can remember, so cant complain. OK, time to hit 'publish' and hope you can see the card. NB - SORRY, NO IDEA WERE THE IMAGE HAS GONE??? TIME FOR A NEW BLOG SOON I THINK:(

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dads Birthday

Whoops, been a bad blogger again - though I did have a spell of blog block. Here is the gift I made for my Dad for his birthday on the 4th April. The picture is of him and his mates whilst on National Service in Cyprus in the 50's. Dad is the shy one on the right! I mounted it on mdf, which was painted, collaged and varnished. Here he is on his birthday, he is normally dressed but had a nasty fall the day before so was unable to walk, so we normally go out for his Birthday this year we had to fetch it all to him.

I'm still busy drawing and painting every day, every evening is spent sketching - I 'think' I am starting to improve. Also spend far too much time on the book of days facebook page, and watching all the wonderful videos available to help me with my art, I even attended the 'live stream' at weekend, which was great fun. If you are interested in mixed media and/or Art Journal, do take a look here Book of Days best thing I did, has done wonders for my confidence in art and in other area's.

I do check in with blogger each day so always keeping an eye on everyone, I might not always comment (often I think I have only to find I didnt, sorry) but I do always read.

Thats all for now, back to the sketchbook.

Lynda x