Thursday, 28 June 2012

Still Happy Sketching

Still happy sketching in the evenings and exploring other mediums, this one is ink pens and watercolour. The sketch was inspired by one I saw by Tamara LaPorte from Willowing on her blog.

My next one was fancing a spot of doodling, there are a lot of my arty contacts doing this at the moment its very relaxing. This one is watercolour and ink pen in my A5 sketchbook.

Here is yet another of my faces practice (I do a lot of this) used my new coloured ballpoints and some watercolour, yes I would like hair like that - would certainly be differerent LOL.

Lastly I had on the go a 20" x 16" canvas, takes sometime to do all the colours and then a different tone glaze a day to finish off. Had fun with it, but its my third one in that style now, so time for something new. I have the same size canvas board on my easil primed ready to start, be another week no doubt but hope to start tomorrow, on a new style.

Lastly I must thank Tanya from for awarding me the versatile blogger award. I have actually been awarded this three times (I think) sadly I am not smart enough to carry out all the instructions, I cant even manage to put the picture on display - so please do not think I am not grateful for these awards I am, but just all too technical for me.. some might just be relieved this means I now dont have to bore them to bits with 7 facts about me?? if I could manage to think of any, dont think 7 lots of I like Art and Dogs would do it.....

Friday, 22 June 2012


Sometimes there is not the time or inclination to get out the paints, so I have learnt from the wonderful artists I chat too how important a sketchbook and/or Journal can be. I do have an Art Journal, which contains some events, thoughts and practice work. But have decided to get a bit more serious in the sketchbook, I have even joined a Flickr group of others who draw each day to encourage me. I am also using a variety of mediums, the cover above is paints, crayons and charcoal.

This one is ballpoint pen, I have seen some fantastic works done in ballpoint pen, who would have thought of this as a medium? I know I wouldnt, you can also add coloured ballpoints and they are quite a decent price too.

This is promarkers and some ballpoint doodling.

..and finally all coloured pencil. A tribute to one of my all time favourite artists, which was actually copied from another tribute to him by Rolf Harris, so probably nothing like the original now, but still it was fun to do first time I have done anything like that before, this one was in my A4 sketchbook.

I dont think we are doing anything exciting this weekend, the weather is totally appauling and we dont have a boat. I am hoping to get to the Tate in Liverpool soon though, they have a spectacular exhibition on the way.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Painting

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I purchased an A3 watercolour pad the other week, as I do prefer larger things to paint on now. The intention was to attempt an Abstract Face, not quite sure what happened there, she is not really abstract but obviously not realism either... Anyway, I quite like her so then decided to have a go at glazing, she has about 10 coats of different colour glaze so will take some drying but the colours are amazing, sadly not quite shown off on my photography there.

I currently have another abstract canvas on the go, not too large and its giving me some grief, not being very friendly toward my tape, so that too will be taking a different direction soon.

I have joined a sketchbook group on Flickr, so enjoying some ink, pen and pencil sketching in the evenings now - all good practice so I am told. I do so enjoy looking at other peoples works, I dont feel quite as 'odd' that its all I am interested in these days, there really are others like me out there.. Funny someone was telling me about a lady they knew who's only interest was her dogs and working them, thats all she does! I didnt see a problem with this, to me if someone is lucky enough to find something they enjoy so much they are very lucky, and usually a happy person too.

Righto, back to that painting lets see where it takes me.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sand, Sea and Spray. Blackpool 2012

Today we braved the appauling weather conditions and visited Blackpool. Blackpool is hosting Sand, Sea and Spray which is the Urban Arts Festival. There is one more day to go, so if you can get there its still on tomorrow 17th June 2012 and the art works I have pictured below will probably be finished by then.

As it happened we were very lucky with the weather and stayed dry all day, just started to rain as we got to the car park to come home, armed with bags of Blackpool rock, fudge and inscence sticks (I know, dont ask there was a nice dog in the shop I went to say hello too - like this house needs anymore insence).

Many of the roads were closed as some singer called 'Elton John' is performing there tonight and has had this rather large stage built for the event.

Here are some of my fave artworks from the day, please do be aware they are not all finished and are work in progress. I must also add all the artists as well as being mega talented are also very friendly people who are happy to discuss their artworks and art backgrounds with the public.

I think this is to be an annual event, I know there was one in 2011 (pictures can be found on

A great day out, the Urban Art Festivals are held nationally too check out there may be one nearer to you too.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Anyone for Abstract?

So, this is what I have been up to for most of the week. Its a bit on the large side at 30" x 30" and has no hanger on yet, so if I do decide (after varnish) I want to hang it somewhere I will need to speak to my joiner friend about adding a frame to the back.
Mostly Acrylic paint, with a bit of inks.

I have today scaled down to an A3 watercolour pad, and a couple of smaller works to practice on. Must say I could quite easily get used to working on a larger scale.. might need some more paint first though.

I have seen some great groups on Flickr so going to join a couple of groups on there, even found a couple of local artists which was interesting.

I am starting to think I was born to do this, just should have realised it a good few years ago, ok my paintings will not be to everyone's tastes but I can live with that, I just love to paint.. once I have walked the dogs, done the chores I cant wait to get out the brushes and thats me till teatime (and often beyond).

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

new easel fun

On Saturday I took delivery of a much needed new easel, my others were quite small and the week before I visited a car boot and purchase 4 very large canvas's to paint on, around 32" each, seemed like a good idea at the time till I realised I had no way to use them, plan for the future is clearing out a room to use the wall with a hook on. Anyway, my easel arrived wrapped in a huge piece of card, cut in half made it around 25" which fit nicely on said new easel. As it was a bit wonky I tried covering it in newsprint and pva to make a stronger surface to work on....

Turned out not to be one of my better ideas, but it did give me more confidence to work on my first larger surface before moving to either a board or a canvas. So, here is my first larger abstract, still a bit wonky due to the paper and card but gave me practice and the fun. I varnished it too just to see how that would look.

Still not overly confident I am priming a large piece of board which is about 36" to have another go on... think maybe I am spending too much time watching Rolf Harris, he was on the tv last night with the Jubilee Art, how fab was that? only wish I could have got to London to see the exhibition.

I am also having a go at a wooden box, that too is at priming stage at the moment, but I have plans to give it a new bright and lined look and pop it in the Etsy shop.

Hope everyone had a great Jubilee weekend, I did enjoy the coverage I saw and cant wait for the concert to be on CD.