Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Check out my new link

Hello All,
Hope you like today's picture - I was struggling what to treat you all to today. There is a relevance albiet a shaky one............. My postie turned up today with my fabric order, I dont order much as most of my bags are using recycled fabrics, but I do try to add some features - so I have the most adorable froggie fabric, that link came after our attempt here to protect our Natterjack Toads for the Cycle path they are trying to lay locally.
I would also like to feature today my new contact 'Sewandsoaps' see link on the right for her website. I found her on the craft forum after she posted what a slow time she had last couple of days until wearing one of her embroidered items, seems like a great idea for us all - I do of course carry my handmade handbags with me most of the time, but what better way to promote yourself than with clothing with your shop name etc on. So, I will soon be the proud owner of a Hoodie and a polo shirt designed by 'Sewandsoaps' who has great attention to detail, and colour and like many of us certainly puts the work in to help her sales, not that she should need to with her talent and fair prices. So, if you fancy a hoodie, bag, polo shirt or many of the other items check her out via the link, she also does soaps and gift sets.


  1. I hope your fight against the cycle path is going well...can't wait to see the froggie bag!

  2. Thanks Mick

    Big meeting tomorrow re cycle path, dog walkers on the front of local rag this week. Spotted 2 Natterjacks on walk this week in the wrong place, tried to direct them to were they should be but they just dont get it!
    froggie bag next on list.

    LYnda x