Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Cosmic Garden

Yes, I know I said I would return to sewing, and I did make a start... but now the weather has gone soooooo hot its just far too hot in the sewing room to do a thing, so I did more painting without any pressure and found myself doing something with the canvas I primed and painted blue some time ago. I watched a great video on youtube yesterday by Donna Downey for one of her inspiration Wednesdays, during her tutorial she used this fantastic quote from 'Andy Warhol' that I am going to use every day and print out somewhere very large...

"Dont think about making Art, Just get it done, Let everyone else decide if its good or bad
Wether they like it or hate it,
While they are deciding make even more Art."

So, thats what I am going to do (or at least while my confidence lasts).

My painting is called Cosmic Garden, and its my own creation of garden with the background of the northern lights from earlier in the year.

I am finding I have a need to paint each day, and I am at my happiest doing so. Although must admit its been tough going today, its very hot for us here in the UK and my house is getting towards unbareable now, we have had no sleep for a few days now as its just too much, sorry for those who enjoy it but can we please have it a few degree's cooler now? and some clear chilly nights would be great.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather but being careful, we are not used to such heat here.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Walker Art Gallery

Here is me at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool yesterday - in awe of the sculpture with the toilet behind me there, and just loving all the abstract Art.
We went to see the Rolf Harris Exhibition, WOW!!! is all I can say, I was totally gutted we got there quite late (about 11.30am) so the book signing had closed as the queue was just huge. I did manage to get a glipse of the great man though, he looks amazing, I think he is 82 years young this year. I purchased the book about his paintings on show, some cards and a t-shirt (I just love the t-shirt), we had to queue to actually view his exibition but was well worth the wait, I loved his work but most of all enjoyed getting to see the actual painting he did of the Queen.

As the husband had taken me we were not there as long as I would have liked, as its really not his thing - so I dragged him round till he did start to appear a bit weary then we went for lunch. I will go back in a few weeks with my friend, who loves art.

This visit and a few weeks of deep thought has brought me to the conculusion I am going to have to return to work, so I have started designing a new bag today for the Etsy shop. I love art and painting, but it will be a few years before I am good enough to make any money from it and the pressure of trying too hard is not a good thing. Somehow I am going to have to divide my time to going back to sewing and having some fun art time too.
My designs have changed, If I am going to sew its going to be designs I like.. so at this rate it might take me all week for bag number one of the year, but should be worth it.

If blogger continues to behave I will show you when the bag is done later in the week, I have gone back to 'old blogger' while it will still let me, unfortunatly I lost my old page design so still have the awful colours but at least I can follow everyone and post again.

I have done a few hours sewing today, so must be time for painting now.

have a good week x0x