Friday, 30 September 2011

New Weekly Feature

Sorry, I seem to have been a bad blogger again. Dont know what happened really, I just got total block, couldnt think of a thing to waffle on about, how unlike me! Cant even blame being busy this week as since the shock of the totally unseasonal heat landed not been able to manage much at all, I did list a brand new patchwork bag in my new Etsy shop (see right) but not been able to settle to much else, even the new project has been on the back burner.
Never mind though, according to our ever reliable weather forcast (!) it will be the start of winter on Tuesday..

Today I am starting a new weekly feature from my Etsy team 'Crafty Folk' now Lillysnightgarden has explained in terms for a 3 year old so I can understand I might even get it right next time. The idea is we have one of us featured for the week and we each do a treasury with that person featured and choose a theme to add others too. So I thought I would add to that and do a weekly blog feature of the chosen one too.

This week its Mystics Realm
so I have chosen 3 of my favourite items from her shop, not an easy choice as I do like all her jewellery, so if anyone is watching that is looking for my Christmas pressie, here you go!

There are some lovely bracelets, I like this one

Necklaces, like this one

and even earrings, like these

So please do take a look at this great shop, and next week I will show you another one. I might even find something else to waffle on about before that, perhaps the start of winter!

Enjoy your weekend, those of you who like the warmth.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Latest Custom Order

Fortunatly things are still ticking over nicely off line, here is my latest order a very special one as its for one of our group of dog walkers. His name is Trevor and he is owned by this lovely lurcher Woody, you can read more about Woody soon here
Alfies Blog
of course the bag is not for Trevor, wouldnt really suit him, but for his partner, I am hoping she likes it as its a surprise gift she will be receiving tomorrow.

Not much time for blogging at the moment, firstly I am to be learning a new craft which I have been busy researching you will be hearing more on that one. Lets hope its more successful that my hat making attempts (remember them?) but I will be sure to show you the failures as well as the hopeful successes, the idea is going down a storm with my contacts and I already have 2 firm orders and not even started yet.

Secondly I am spending far too much time on Etsy, not just transfering my shop there but also busy chatting in my teams, I am really enjoying the new friends I am making over there. I even managed to curate my first treasury this week, though it did take me about 3 days. Hope to try another over the weekend, I loved doing that too, must say I am finding Etsy a lot of fun so much to learn and just so vast, with so many lovely things to look at and make up for future shopping and gift ideas.

Thats all for now as Alfie wants me to go update his blog too while I am here. Hope everyone is warm enough, nights starting to draw in now and get a bit chiller.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Monday, 19 September 2011

Supporting Handmade (2)

Morning all (well just about), I wont be about so much today come down with the most awful cold which is making my eyes stream away - not helpful for sewing or typing. So thought I would just get this blog written before I go lay down for a while see if that helps.

Whilst following Supporting handmade however its made
over the weekend I have noticed a few new shops joined in. This means more talented crafters affected by the changes at Folksy or made the decision to support the others who have, my own application has been submitted and I hope to join them soon. Plenty more upset over the weekend with affected crafters but alas no support from Folksy, or further words. Good job we all have each other and Supporting handmade however its made

Please do click on the pictures and go take a look at the wealth of talent below, the pictures will take you to their shops or websites. Soon be payday so you can make up a wishlist and bookmark the treats you fancy, or gifts for loved ones.

Starting with Pirate Treasures and this lovely Turquoise Pandora style bracelet

From "Handmade in Heaven" this is from her shop on Etsy as I couldnt manage to take the link from the website a great idea for baby

From Made with Love Designs
one of her great cards, this shop does have cards for all occasions so worth stocking up on the ones you might need

From "Snow Queen Trinkets" one of my favourite pieces, this Indian Red Leaf Necklace

"Hearts and Crafts UK" has this lovely bird necklace, there is also matching earrings to be found in the shop

From "Chic Throws" anyone who has read my blog knows just how much I admire quilters, just look at this.. and there are other stunning quilted throws in her shop

"Kookie Candles" has lovely teacup candles in her shop, I love candles they also make great gifts, this one has the scent of orange

You will have seen "Lauras Jewellery" in my blog many times before, I do like this necklace, but dont forget there are lots of others in the shop

"Painted Ghost" has a website, I'm afraid I could not manage to take the link from, so here is her link

Painted ghost
Painted Ghost is a Nottingham, UK based store where you can buy individual, handmade items for babies, children and adults.
Home of the Bibbla dribble bib, Painted Ghost design and create handmade items for babies and children. We also create individual accessories for parents of little ones such as bags, changing bags and pouches.

Lastly just one insy wincy plug for me, my new Etsy shop hasnt had a purchase as yet - ok I know its only been here a week or so but I am going to loose promo time today with being sorry for myself, so here is my latest addition to Etsy

Please dont forget to keep supporting the lovely people above, purchases would be great but also perhaps the odd tweet, or facebook share would be good too.

Hope everyones start to the week is good and you are all staying healthy, vitimin C all round me thinks.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Friday, 16 September 2011

CRAFTfest - Its this weekend!

Going to be a wet and windy weekend, so how better to spend it? than on-line visiting this fabulous craft fair, over 100 stalls to browse through to choose fabulous gifts and treats from the most talented of crafters. I am going to show you a small selection (I hope, if my links work) no words needed just click on the picture which should take you to the CRAFTfest website showing you that stall and were you can purchase. To look at them all, simply click the link matching the one above on the right of my page.

Miss Bohemia


Clover Jewels

Blue Forest Jewellery

Diomo Glass

Sparrow Primitives

Adien Crafts

Nofkants Curious

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

A whole weekend to shop and enjoy, whilst remaining in warmth and comfort, with no achy feet!!!

Enjoy x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Supporting Handmade however its made!

Hello Blogland
For today I would like to support some of the sellers who joined in with 'supporting handmade however its made' you can link directly to this cause from the same logo on the right of my page.
In short, the rules on Folksy changed and some of the jewellery and items you see below are not longer welcome there, others have shown their support by closing their shops for a week, but dont worry they will be open very soon. Without wanting to put a dampener on all our wonderful creativity things have changed at Folksy and I too will no longer be adding to my shop there, hence opening at Etsy. My own shop is still open at Folksy for the time being, especially as we have a fabulous the fabulous CRAFTfest event due soon which I will tell you about in my next post.

Such a shame to see the closeknit community split but the majority of us remain friends and contiune to share our support though many now face a new direction. You wont believe how long its taken me to write this blog, got sidetracked at the new shopping avenue's such as 'Wow Thank You', 'Etsy, and the crafters own new websites, what a busy lot they have been.

To begin is "Lilly's Night Garden" on 'Wow Thank You' with this lovely hanging bird decoration

"Bohemia Artful Glass" on 'Etsy' with this Glass Tile Pendant 'Lisette'

"PrestoBeads" also on 'Etsy' with this Copper Rainbow Shell Bracelet

"Pretty Beautiful Designs" on 'Wow Thank You' with a Gold Glass Leaf Pendant Necklace

"Lemonade and Lamingtons" has a super website, be sure to take look lots of goodies there, I choose this Tiny Little Cute Bag to show you

From "Lou Lou's Luxuries" also her own website, are these earrings I liked called 'flutterby dreams'

"Flonightingale" on Etsy, just had to be this as my choice, I found him! 'Mr Octopus'

"Mystic Moon" on Wow Thank You, one of my favourites, the proceeds from this stunning creation go to Cancer Charities, 'Shining the light on cancer' necklace.

"Thrashion" also has her own website, but I couldnt manage the picture from there, so sought her out on Etsy too, with this recycled skateboard pendant on chain

"Kokokelli" can be found on Folksy, and will be open again soon, just loved these earrings

"Cards with a Difference" can also be found on Folksy and will be open soon, hope I can still buy this card then, 'create your own style'

See, what a lot of support there is there! Dont forget to click on each picture to be taken to the shop for some good old comfy arm chair shopping.

..and pop back soon for the information for this weekends on line CRAFTfest, were you can visit a fantastic craft fair, with a warm cuppa or a glass of something good.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Sunday, 11 September 2011

SimJaTa bounces onto Etsy

Well, not so much of a bounce but perhaps a little soft jog. About time I explored other avenues, not to mention the support of some of my fellow 'crafters' who have also decided to explore further.

I still have an awful lot to learn on the world of Etsy, but with my wonderful helpers listed below I will get there, and what an exiting journey it is. As before you just click on the picture to be taken to the superb shops of these great artists.

Introducing "MissBohemia", who is soley responsible for my being able to add my Etsy link on the right of the page to my blog, thank you so much Jen. Here is one of her super items 'Alice in Wonderland Pocket watch pendant'

"lilysnightgarden" a talent I have often admired, and who invited me to the team on Etsy were I feel most at home and can continue to support my favourites. Thank you Dawn. Here is her fabulous mixed media collage.

"gimmethatthing" another great jewellery artist, dont forget to look at all the shop and again, thank you for support. Here is her latest wire wrapped ring.

"Squintessential" my old pal Hannah, always been a great support to me and continues to do so on Etsy, thank you Hannah. I love these 'Dark Romance Earrings' on my list of wants.

"Bluedaisyglass" great pendants and jewellery in this shop, thank you Apryl and here is a stunning 'Dichroic glass pendant, pink moon'

From "Blue Button Bride" my favourite of all her gorgeous bouquets, almost worth marrying again for! 'Tutti Frutti Button bouquet'

From "JCU Designs" my favourite Antique Bronze Pendants (I use these in my brooches too, as I love them) an 'Antique Bronze Pendant Necklace'

Introducing "Flonightinglale" very unfairly treated of late, but bouncing on Etsy with all her great creations (one shown in last blog post too), a superb Balloon Brooch, what a great picture with this one

"Mystic Moon Shadows" has more fab jewellery in her shop, dont forget to look, here is her 'Celtic Goddess Gemstone Pendant'

Last of all from me at SimJaTa, one of my tote bags of only 2 so far listed on Etsy, trying to list one item per day, but sure is taking up a lot of time all this learning lark.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Simply the Best ~ of Jewellery

Hey!!! dont go!! yes you there about to click away, this is important...

You simply cant miss what could be the last chance to purchase some of this fantastic jewellery on Folksy. You are going to find this totally IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend, but as of 1st November 2011 some of this fantastic, totally stunning jewellery will not be available to purchase on Folksy.

For reasons my normally 'happy blog space' better not go into here.

Be sure to pay each of these fabulous stores a visit, and quick while you still can purchase these gorgeous items, simply click on the picture to be transported to the shop - all great prices too! ready?...........go!

First is "Rose and Raven Jewellery" with a stunning silver tree of life with white pearl necklace

"Pretty Beautiful for Pennies" has the prettiest Antique Bronze Necklace

From "Prestobeads" a lovely Copper Leaf and green gold necklace

This is such a great shop, from "Thrashion" a recycled skateboard pendant

From a special lady who has worked so hard this month, and also spurred on many with such enthusiasm "Lauras Jewellery" has this amazing Green Butterfly and Cameo Necklace

Another of my favourite jewellery artists, my Mum still wears her necklace bought as a gift from "Bessie Loves", this one is a shabby chic pink dragonfly necklace

Currently marked away, but soon be back to keep a watch on "The Whimsical Wren' who's jewellery I am wearing now, this one is Jenny Wren and her ornate nest

This talented lady has purchased from me, and I from her so can also highly recommend her necklaces and earrings, from "Squintessential" a lovely Angel of Faith Necklace

Another great lady who has spurred us all on each day is "Clover Jewels" here is a fabulous Dragonfly Dreams necklace

Lastly, a very special jewellery artist who has already left Folksy and can be found on Etsy, she will be missed from the forums as such a breath of fresh air. From "Flonightingale" a songbird necklace.

... SimJaTa will soon be opening a shop on Etsy too. So if anyone has any tips on how to proceed they will be gratefully received, took me best part of 3 hours today to manage a new banner, profile and avatar.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~