Wednesday, 3 March 2010

After today's walk I realised I had not introduced you to one of the other dogs I walk as yet. Please meet 'Tigger' the Kelpie.

I realised this, as not much work done today after having spent most of the walk trying to retrieve said dog from the golf course. The club have finally fixed the fence as its the 'Ladies Golf Tournament' this year, so another excuse to stop us walkers using our regular spot soon too, and posh things up a bit. So, Tigger managed to find what must be the ONLY hole in it, heaven knows were and get himself stuck on the course, we had to walk him by the fence to try find a way out - this involved us having to battle our way through all the undergrowth to stay as close as we could so he could see us, the other dogs thought it was great fun with the exception of the lurcher who did not do so well with the thorns and bushes we had to wade through. Anyway, we did eventually get to the gate at the end and retrieve the little darling.

I did have quite a productive evening last night though, I went shopping in the USA (on-line of course) and found some very nice fabrics to highlight the handbags, still using my own recycled lines but some nice topics to go with them, so a new range will be around once they arrive. Also touched into Canada and Australia, quite the globe trotter I was.

Also, after having withdrawal symptoms from the charity shop I snook there for 5 mins today too, and obtained some lovely new lining fabric and a pair of Cotton Trader jeans.

As for the current handbag, not much done really - a wee bit of embroidery, not done that for a while, that was about it really, might take me a bit longer now that one, see what tomorrow brings - lets hope for a shorter walk, just a couple of hours would do thank you this time.

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  1. Have nominated you for a sunshine award,happy blogging Linda