Thursday, 1 April 2010

Evening Bloggers,

hope this comes out ok, but here is the tri-fold leaflet, which I have printed a fair few out for this weekends show (weather permitting) and for the future. Also today having managed to mislay the laminting folders had to go buy some more for the price details, and managed to buy a multi pack in Tesco containing business card laminates, these worked rather well on my cards making them look a little more impressive.

I asked the lovely people on Folksy and it seems I do not have to delete my entire shop ready to take the bags out for a jaunt, but can just mark myself on holiday so no purchases can be made and still have them there for display, what a super idea and saves me a lot of work, then again if or should I say 'when' they all sell at weekend, will have more stock to make and list LOL.

Been busy today dodging out of hubby's way, I have been packaging up my handbags and doing the laminating and he has been printing out mugs and t-shirts, and currently working on air fresheners (the ones you hang in car's etc), as well as sorting out the Woof Beginnings tri-folds - see men actually can multi task if they wish.

Just back from agility and both my dogs did very well, just hoping they perform as well in the ring at the show and Alfie doesnt get side tracked by eating all the children's chips!

So, busy few days ahead. Tomorrow is setting up day, then Saturday, Sunday and Monday its full on show time from 8am - 6pm. Just hope the weather turns out better than is forcast, been lovely here today.

Hope to pop on tomorrow with update on were the show is and details of how set up went.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

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