Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Farewell 2010 from SimJaTa

So, that was 2010 - now its almost over. What a year! It began for me with looming redundancy and the choice of either doing nothing or trying to sort myself out into a 'little business' whilst looking for work. Ended with my 'little business' doing better than I thought, and forget looking for other work. Ok, its tough at times more hours than I thought a day actually had, but no boss to answer too and the rest of the problems that came with it.
These days I start my day with a clean slate of "what shall I create today" and I am loving it.
Take today for instance... first time out in my car for weeks, so a lovely dog walk (see photo of OH with dogs) back home and did some new fabric ordering that was fun, then visit to parents, afternoon doing little else but watching Dr Zhivago and searching for a new washing machine on-line. Yes, I know must do some actual work tomorrow.
Not being able to wait for the new year I have launched my new line of Messenger Bags by "Bags of Swank by SimJaTa", which are a sturdy black canvas with fun fabrics - and more on their way.
As the years go 2010 has certainly been one of the better ones, and I am looking forward to 2011 being better still.

So, that just leaves me to wish everyone a very happy and successful New year and see you in 2011.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All this snow in Southport? Unheard of!

Well, I went out on Friday evening for my annual Christmas visit to my friend, and had to walk home with arctic survival gear and snow chains. Not in my lifetime has there been this much snow here in Southport. I'm told by the neighbours and parents not since 1963, and even then it wasnt as cold as it is now, Crosby registered the temperature at -17 last night!!!
The snow you see in the pictures was from Saturday's walkies, aside from the picture of the park I took this morning when I went out early to view the eclipse, as you can see there was only cloud.
It is now Tuesday evening and we still have the same snow, only difference is some of it is packed down now, but due to the temperatures its just not shifting. We even have icicles hanging from the roof over a foot long!
My car is but a frozen cube, now surrounded in 2 foot of frozen ice - so doing an awful lot of walking with the dogs needing to go out and various other chores.

Even work has come to a bit of a standstill as my craft room has no heating and its been far too cold to spend over a couple of hours in there. Bags of Swank by SimJaTa has been trying to design some new bags for after Christmas, but not much going on really as its simply too cold in there.
Happy to report all my parcels got to their destination before Christmas, even the bags I sent off to Germany arrived at weekend, so thats good news.
So, thats it now till next week as last post went today, although I had already stated in my shops from last Friday no guarenteed post after that due to the weather.

Now left hoping there is no more snow, as my parents are getting very upset they wont be able to make the family meal on the day, its very important to them, and Dad wont drive in this weather. Providing there is no more snow and the OH makes work and back for the next 3 days we can collect them.

Hope everyone is warm and safe, and has a super Christmas.

Look forward to 2011 with lots of new ideas, and new venue's planned for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Alfie's Christmas Party

The highlight of the Christmas Calender is, the Dog Club Christmas Party. Here you see our Alfie, with his girlfriend Skye having both dressed up for the occasion.
Fun night with party games and spot prizes, all for the dogs of course.

Seen also, is some daft woman trying to balance a large ball on a tiny spoon whilst walking the dog - yes, that was me. I did drop it a few times but Alfie retrieved it and gave it back, totally bemused by the whole thing.

Such a social animal that I am (NOT) tonight is my Christmas visit to my friend for a catch up and a few drinkies. We have no snow here as yet, but if it does I will be walking there and back, complete with snow chains so no chance of falling.

Its great to have a bit of a rest, seems the on-line sales are slowing down due to the weather, my last one was yesterday. My shops are still open and I will post out on the same day, but of course Royal Mail cannot now guarentee deliveries for Christmas, such a shame with all the wonderful goodies on sale at Folksy, and every chance the goods will get through, maybe I should have invented the pdf I.O.U in a pretty design? with "Your SimJaTa gift is on its way to you", perhaps look into that next year LOL.
Kept busy today finishing off my daughters Tote Bag in Goth design, then tomorrow one more Elephant bag to do for my Auntie and thats my gifts all finished. Then time to start on some new designs for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa for the new year, though really I should catch up on my paperwork first, been saying for months I will do it during the Christmas break, but far too excited to work on new designs, might have to get OH to lock the craft room door till I have done the paperwork.

Hope everyone out there has a super pre-Christmas weekend, and stays safe in the snowy conditions.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Merry Christmas from SimJaTa

Good Evening Blogland - sorry to disturb your peace, but I have been composing again, I think all these festivities are starting to get to me. I'm even thinking of putting up some decorations at weekend (not done that for a while).
Here is my Christmas Verse for you, and a little encouragement and help of were to do your last minute shopping...

A very Merry Christmas to everyone out there,
From SimJaTa, I hope you are aware,
There is still time for goodies galore,
Go shop at Folksy, I guarantee it wont bore,
Lots of choice and prices are fair,
The Crafters at Folksy work hard and they care.

Exclusive Jewellery can be found that is unique,
Winter Woolies and Scarves for a treat,
Not massed produced like on the high street you seek,
With crowds and queues, cold weather that’s bleak,
So stay in the warmth, have a brew or a toddie’
Go shop at Folksy, go on “Go Potty”.

You’ll find everything you imagine and more,
There are presents for children and mother in law,
To find this wonderful centre of choice,
Click on the links on my page to rejoice,
To carry your gifts to your family and friends
Remember SimJaTa, to Folksy she sends,
So check out the designs at Bags of Swank,
Scarves at SimJaTa, wont break the bank.


Worse than the last one? LOL, probably - think I better get back to the sewing machine, and I havent even had a drink yet!
Hope you are all nearing the end of your shopping and stress, soon be time for us all to put our feet up for a while to come back refreshed for the year ahead.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Is your Mother in Law a Dragon?

One of my readers requested a viewing of the bag I made for the Mother in Law, so here it is. Sadly not for sale at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, but just a gift. Inspired by Linda at Uniquely Yours, I have something different for today, and have tried my hand at a verse - just for my Mother in Law.

Hate the Mother in Law?

My Mother in Law is a Dragon,
She tells me so each day,
My Mother in Law is a Dragon,
It is simply just her way,
My Mother in Law is a Dragon,
Its just the way life is,
My Mother in Law is a Dragon,
She does not speak just hiss.

Is my Mother in law really a Dragon?
I bet you wonder as you read,
This verse I write is just for her, I wonder were it will lead,
Her real name is Nora, that is what she is called,
She’s not really a dragon, though the last one made me bald,
This is Mother in Law mark II, a vast improvement she is,
The last one I inherited was a dragon and worse,
So bad was the last one, she made me scream and curse.

No, Nora is fantastic a wonderful Mother indeed
I’m hanging on to this one, of this I shall succeed
Although in life she has had some woes
Of this you would never know
My Mother in Law is everything a daughter in law could wish,
With the added bonus of her son, who turned out quite a dish.

Ok, so I better stick to making bags and scarves then:)

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bailey Calender and Christmas Shoppers

Meet Bailey, Bailey is the rather large golden retriever I walk for his Dad. Bailey belonged to a lady I used to dog walk with, she sadly passed over a couple of years back leaving Bailey with her son who is unable to walk him. Last year we made up a calender of all the dogs on our walk to raise funds in memory of Bailey's Mum for the local hospice, we raised £500! This year for one reason and another I have not done the walkers calender, Bailey's Dad was most disappointed so I have got together a collection of Bailey photo's and I am making him his very own calender with just Bailey. Its calender central here, as this year we are also making calenders to raise funds for Woof Beginnings, the lady at the post office is my new very best friend!
You may also notice a picture here of one of the Bags of Swank collection of Christmas Shopping bags, these are fun bags for the festive season - I have one myself and they do generate a lot of interest locally.
One of my tasks today is my Mother in laws present, I am making her a 'dragon' bag LOL, bet there is not many of you would get away with that? No she is not a dragon really, she is lovely but she likes Dragons so she should love this one. I have a few Christmas gifts to make still, but trying to slot them in with other orders and stock for the shops.

Dont forget, as well as great bags at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, and superb scarves at Special by SimJaTa, there are also lots of fabulous gifts available on Folksy from the very hard working crafters out there - so do go take a look at for your last minute shopping, almost everything is sent out within 24hrs so superb service along with great choices.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow....

Well, actually please DONT let it snow. We have been very lucky here so far, I cheated and the photo's are actually from January this year. Tess and Alfie adore it, but Jaja is not so keen.
Its so cold I have managed two scarves today in the craft room and had to call it a day, just too cold in there, so doors now shut. Car put to bed under duvet, as I cannot cope with the defrosting each day, worked a treat last night, under the single duvet cover. I have unearthed the electric blanket, and the warmest duvet cover ready for the forcast -7 tonight. Its like a military operation to prepare for the freeze, do you have extra's to perform to keep out the chills?

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa is doing well with orders and on-line sales, and the post here is coping so far, I'm lucky if all else fails its on with the snow chains and I can walk to the post office.

I have bought 2 fabulous winter hats from Folksy to keep me warm and looking fantastic at the same time, and having done nothing last week I now even have most of my presents bought (from Folksy of course) wrapping paper has arrived and cards too, so I really must write and post that card to the USA quickly, and keep the boy scouts busy with local deliveries.

Hope you are all managing to stay warm and safe, and lets hope next week brings us a thaw.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~