Saturday, 6 March 2010

It seems very quite out there in blog land today, hope you are all busy enjoying your crafting. At a loss again today what to waffle on about, spent the morning on the 'cycle path' challenge (see yesterday's blog) collecting signatures and spreading the word, so the dogs got a long walk and to play with an awful lot of dogs whilst we chatted, its very quiet in here tonight with 3 very tired dogs.

This afternoon I managed to get quite a bit done on the latest bag, which is to feature horses for a change from the usual, after that I am planning another patchwork design so that will keep me busy for the week, takes me quite a while to do the patchwork ones.

For today's photo I thought I would share my lurcher Jaja, this was his pose for the first calendar we produced for "Woof Beginnings" that one we featured the dogs all dressed up, so might treat you to a few more of them, as I think they do have the smile factor. He is seen here on a warm summer's day (remember those?) with his shades and hubby's Woof Beginnings shirt.


  1. Lol...if only my bullie girl would pose for me like that, I'd have no problems with begging for photo's from others!

    Gail x

  2. Thanks Gail, but he only stays still for short time, like a nano second. My Greyhound was a far better poser