Monday, 15 March 2010

I know I am meant to be blogging about crafts, what I am doing and working harder on the promotion bit, but today I cant. I just had to pay tribute to this wonderful girl Kiera. I have just found out that this wonderful husky was killed in an RTA last week, before she reached 2 years old.

Kiera was my Alfie's very first playmate, We saw her everyday on the park and often around on our other walks, even in the evenings when doing scent work she was being walked by her doting owners.

Not your typical Husky, Kiera was the most laid back dog ever. All the dogs loved her as she had such a wonderful way with them, when the mood took her she would play with Alfie and we would joke he got 'beaten up by a girl' that day. I feel terrible as having not seen her last week I just assumed they were on holiday, not for one minute did I think anything had happened to her, I cant imagine what her loving family are going through, they adored her.

Sleep tight dear girl, sure Rainbow Bridge will be ready when you saunter on in there. All your friends will miss you terribly.

sorry folks, normal blog service will be resumed tomorrow.

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  1. What a terrible thing to happen. Please give my condolences to her owners.

    Gail x