Sunday, 7 March 2010

Evening Bloggers,

Well what to write about today? I was going to show you todays handbag, but starting to bore myself with that now, so If you wish to see the new 'horses' handbag its in my folksy shop.

I have spent today doing some more networking, finally found the forum on folksy so introduced myself on there, created a Flickr account - not that I actually understand how that works, but searched around the groups and joined one called 'Dog Art' that had a lot on and some great stuff on a blog there I have joined, hope she returns the favour, she is in the USA but has some wonderful doggie items on sale. Hubby got my counter working on the website so I can now see at least it has some views.

So, as I have spent time in the virtual dog world today I thought I would share today's photo with you of my late Greyhound Dave, we lost him last September very suddenly he was ok when we went to bed but not in the morning, he had suffered a stroke, nothing could be done. A huge loss to us, Dave was a lovley boy we adopted him after 3 homes who simply didnt understand the boy, once understood he was fabulous, there was no malice in Dave he was just a bit on the brainless side - no really he was! We were lucky enough to share 8 years with him, and like our others lost we miss him every day.


  1. Hi, Love your dogs ~ I've lost all mine now, but have pictures on my blog.
    I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine award.
    Best wishes, Sarah x

  2. Sorry to hear of your dogs, we lost 3 last year comes of having oldies. But introduced our newest loon last year.

    Thank you for Sunshine Award, will sort out tomorrow when hubby can help me, about to post about my dimness on that one shortly.

    Lynda x