Tuesday, 27 December 2011

First attempt at pastel

I have been challenged to put each day's artwork right here on my blog! Dont worry, I have NOT taken up that challenge, but do intend to keep a record here in the hope we will all one day say some improvement. Today was not a good day at the easel.

Somebody thought it would be a good idea for me to try pastel, might have been an idea if I had learnt how first, not straight in then think... 'this is not going well, maybe I should find out how' Of course drawing is not my strong point, so I did a quick frog sketch then went for it (feel free to laugh here)

Its meant to be frogs in a tree hollow surrounded by flowers and trees, at least that was in my head. On a quick spot of research I found you can also add water to pastels, so I tried a bouquet from my head (yes, it is supposed to be a bouquet, LOL)

Disovering that a wee bit more research was quite obviously needed for the pastel thing, I got out the new brushes and had a quick practice, in case you were wondering I have been studying chinese art - I have the theory, but not quite the practice yet, but still I did enjoy it.

During today's research and study I have reached the decision it is highly unlikely the SimJaTa Art shop will be opening on Etsy next year - just now I am planning around 2017, so make yourself comfy for the wait.

One of my jobs before the end of the year is to work out a schedule so I can fit in the sewing to keep the Etsy shop fresh, and pleny of art time and study, this inbetween life in general - there must be a way, after all I only sleep for around 7 hours, so that leaves 17 hours in theory, 3 hours a day dog walking, cooking, washing, parent sitting, dog club, shopping..... well maybe the sleep will have to go? sure there is a way, just needs some thought....

Off to do some sketching..

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Monday, 26 December 2011

Duncan the Retired Donkey

Duncan the retired Donkey, lives life to the full. With so many hobbies he never has time to be bored!

Well, I thought he was good LOL, Duncan is my very first character. Having been lucky enough to received a ton of art books, pens, pencils and paints.. I have been in my element all day, studying and drawing. So, Duncan is who I came up with. Unfortunatly when I showed the OH he said he looks nothing like a Donkey.. so yet again I am back to the drawing board on whether to adapt Duncan to be more donkey like, or to change Duncan into another creature... though if he is not a donkey I am not quite sure what he could be?? any ideas?

I should really be working too, I also received a huge amount of embroidery silks, ribbon and trimmings to create new brooches for my Etsy shop... but hey its still bank holiday. I hope everyone in blogland got some super pressies and are having lots of fun like I am.

Meanwhile, here is Duncan again....

..and Duncan goes bowling.

Enjoy the holidays!!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas from SimJaTa

A Merry Christmas to all in blogland. A week early I know but I plan to be busy practicing my drawing and painting over the Christmas season, and unless I think I have anything good enough to show you will probably be pretty quiet. Today, with the help of Shoo Rayner
I drew and painted this Christmas wreath, going to laminate and put it on the front door, again it is NOT my design but Shoo's. This is the first real picture I have used watercolour paints, and must say I did enjoy it I found it far easier than my time spent attempting to learn pencil shading, just not getting my head around that one at all. I only have a small set of waterpaints, so hoping Santa might be reading this and be kind enough to provide some more.

It is also the time of year when my dogs have been subjected to wearing the Christmas hats, see just how much they enjoy it? Anyway they too wanted (as I told them they did!) to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope all the crafters out there enjoy a break from awaiting the sales fairy visit, and she too comes back nice and refreshed ready to visit Etsy in the new year.

All the best to you all.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Sunday, 4 December 2011

SimJaTa Scarves arrive on Etsy

Here are a couple of my new scarves that will find their way to my Etsy shop this week, I think I have about ten in total. Certainly becoming the weather for them with snow on the way very soon, we felt a definate chill in the air this morning. I didnt even pick up a pencil yesterday but took the time to photograph and edit some of the scarves ready for the shop, quite happy with the results. I added this one today, so we have one for sale already, the picture will magically transport you to the shop for further details.

Now dont go away, I also wish to introduce you to a very special man and very talented illustrator I have been lucky enough to chat with on Etsy, Eric Kincaid
this link will take you to his Etsy shop.

His showcase of work extends from illustrating comics such as 'Dan Dare' to a collectors edition of 'Wind in the Willows' plates. After being a freelance illustrator and working with companies such as WALT DISNEY he was employed long term by Brimax publishing house. He has illustrated over 100 books ..

I was lucky enough to discover his shop whilst preparing a treasury of Art, then ordered some of his fabulous Christmas Cards, you can find these by clicking on the picture of one of the works of art I purchased.

There are also prints of his work for sale in his shop, not just a spectacular talent but also a true gentleman.

Thats all for today, lots to do for a Sunday I have had a good sales weekend so far so parcels to pack up and hopefully more time to get out my pencils and work on some more of my own Christmas cards.

Stay warm..

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~