Friday, 19 March 2010

Very quick one today - honest. Eyeballs are dragging on the floor, and I cant even blame hard work or lack of hours this time, but can blame lack of sleep (again). Wonder if anyone else has had 'frozen shoulder' been suffering for a week or so, but now getting much worse its worse at night and now seriously affecting my sleep, resulting in a difficult day ahead.

So, I finally - having been at it all week finished the Pug Handbag, but have decided against adding it to my shop, its not right at all. The problem is the suede patchwork square I used when realising my machine couldnt cope with real suede, so I abadoned the rest of the idea of using it and just left the square, not realising that I had to sew the top seam at the end, so of course it has snagged and spoiled the entire effect. Might just take it to the game fair as a 'second' and sell much cheaper. Not thrilled with the square either tbh, need a new idea for that too.

I have managed to cut out the frog bag tonight ready to start in the morning, lets hope I have more success there.

Just to finish off the day I tried to catch up on the craft forum only for my internet connection to fail and loose all the active topics, so cant catch up now and I love reading up on what everyone has been up to on there.

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