Thursday, 18 March 2010

too much to do and too little time to do it

Well, I think I lost yesterday altogether in a blur. On top of the attempt to get this business going, of which I have done zilch in the last couple of days, we now have a stall at our local game fair for our charity Woof Beginnings, starting from scratch as we have never done one before. So, we have had to design a stall, sort out a banner, tables, display, stock, volunteers, insurance, etc and we have 2 weeks in which to do this as its at Easter. I am also trying to get a stock of handmade handbags together for one of the dog stalls, eeeeeeeeeeek - and not doing so well, as the days keep getting shorter? I swear someone pops along and just steals all my hours. I seem to run around all day and before I know it its 9pm, and I do try stop and unwind then.

Last night was another visit to the new lambs, there are 13 of them now - rather busy there. Here is little Archie who is still being bottle fed every couple of hours, and some twins who were born a couple of days ago. Not only are our friends the sheep people, dog trainers etc busy with the lambing season they are also helping us sort out this charity stall - always the busy people who get so much done.

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