Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hello people,

Bit late on the blog today, as I was just waiting for Hubby to send the website live so I could post the link. So, live it is! Not much on it yet, and not much in the shop it links to either but at least I am getting there albeit sloooooooooooowly. He still has the guestbook to set up and between us we need to sort out a gallery page, this involves us both having to have some free time at the same time, no mean feat that one.

Got the dog walking done early today, as Hubby had his car to work on and I wanted to get some work done, so managed 6 hours at the sewing machine, inbetween nipping on the The Craft Forum for a nosey around, a girl has to take breaks you know!

I was going to save the boucle handbag, which actually now reminds me of Candy Floss till tomorrow, but I have something else to waffle on about then, so as I got it done today thought I would show you that, again it may make it on to the Folksy shop in the week who knows?

The handbag is made from a skirt I purchased in the Lifeboat shop last week, with a bit of curtain fabric and lined with a recycled t-shirt, the little flower is one of my Mum's creations she does the crochet thing, never was any good with larger needles myself. Not sure what I make of it really, will see how that one and the tapestry one get on, I am far happier doing the handbags with dogs on, so have gone back to that today, currently working on a gundog handbag which features Retrievers, Red Setters and Springer Spaniels - far more to my tastes. I have decided I can still continue the recycled theme with the addition of some dog fabric or prints, and I do find I enjoy that far more. I did try to cater for people out there who are not dog fans, but I am struggling with that. I also have some horse fabric and cat fabric, so perhaps have a go at that in the future, at least they are animals so should keep me happy.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thought I better do this now, as will be short on time (again) today. I have just taken the plunge and added below bag to the Folksy shop, fingers crossed. Hubby is working hard on the website which now has the 'About Me' page on it, such as it is and links to here and the shop. Also links to a couple of rather talented Arty friends, one who makes lovely Collars who's link is also on here, and the other is a very good pet artist.

The current handbag project is the boucle fabric I purchased yesterday, which is not going so well, think maybe I should have quit a bit earlier last night, but will have another few hours on it later before having to attend a family suprise 70th birthday party which to be honest I would rather be putting my pins in my eyes than attending.

For today's photograph I thought I would introduce you to the Golden Retriever I walk 'Bailey' seen on right with my Tess n Jaja, we took this last year and was rather pleased with it, so much so I had it printed and framed for Bailey's owner.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Major upcycle/recycle or whatever you choose to call it today. Well, I got it finished today at least, has taken me a few days of snatched valuable hours. Here is my valuable purchase at the local charity shop 'Southport Lifeboats' I thought this would make a great recycled handbag and it has. I think I am liking this tapestry look and have gone in search of similar fabrics today, nothing doing but I did come back with something to wear for tomorrow nights party and the most fab pair of embroidered jeans which I am hoping will actually fit me. Oh and a rather nice pink boucle skirt which I am hoping to turn into another handbag.

Now going to have a think on whether I like it enough to add it to the Folksy shop or not? Still trying to make my mind up what to add to that one, hence the reason it still only has two items in it. OH has been working hard on the website which was great, till he tells me I have to compose an 'about me' page tonight, yuk not looking forward to that - and choose some links for the links page.

He has been so busy listening to my witterings on the craft forum and everything else related to crafting he is now thinking of starting a shop himself on his photography and personalised items.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not enough hours in the day!
But then often the case for me on Wednesday's and Thursday's - the day job gets in the way. Today has also been my lamb delivery day, so was waiting for that then long chat about the said lambs when it arrived. Some dear friends of mine are in the sheep business, its soon lambing season again and I've been asked to start a fun post on our doggie forum to perhaps show the lambs and do some naming. My friends also work their border collies and do dog training, saved my life when we adopted Alfie (the very wayward Labrador) by turning him into a 'fairly' well behaved dog now. So, still got that to do and had to prepare dinner as its agility night tonight with said wayward Labrador. Inbetween time I am also working on another handbag project that I hope to get finished and posted on here soon, but no spare time for that today sadly. My head is back to being full of ideas and I get so cross when I cant get the time to get into them, I really do need at the very least a 48 hour day to fit everything in - how on earth people ever get bored is beyond me.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So, I finally finished the faux leather patchwork disaster, that was meant to be a handbag. lesson learnt, no matter how much time you have lost do NOT attempt finishing off crafts with flu, sewing not straight enough and brain nowhere near in the right gear. Still, will be ok for me to use and see what public feedback I get, they love me in Tesco:)

As promised here it is, as you see needs a bit of work really to be 'right' for sales dept. But given me some ideas, having a break from that and starting a new project today, still a bit slow as now have the stuffed up nose and lack of breathing to deal with, at least my brain is coming back now with new idea's - soon be back to trying to find enough hours in the day to make them work.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Well, the good news is my Golden Retriever Handbag - seen below, actually found a new home from ebay this weekend. So, next job is to package that up and send off to its new loving home. The bad news is the lurgy continues so not much chance of getting the faux leather patchwork handbag finished today or any new projects started, looking doubtful on the Folksy Shop too which I had hoped to have a start on.

But here I am ready to introduce dog number 3. Please welcome our Alfie who came to live with us last year age 19 months, another rescue though this time taken privatly from a couple who were splitting up and unable to keep him. We had just registered with Labrador Rescue South East and Central when our friends on the dog walk heard about Alfie, exactly what we were looking for. Having lost 3 of our old dogs that year the gap they left behind was unbareable, there was a short time were I was never going to adopt another the grief was so bad. But eventualy the quietness of the other two became too much, and we decided that as both our yellow Labradors were meant to be blacks, we would register to adopt the black labrador we had always wanted.

Alfie bounded into our lives on October 31st 2009 and turned everyone upside down, he was a bit of a dynamo to say the least, both Jaja and Tess were initially appauled at his arrival and it took some time for them to accept him. Now Alfie and Tess play like new pups and even Jaja plays with him when we are out, sure you will agree he is rather a handsome boy.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Not much work done, again:( seems the 'lurgy' is some sort of nasty virus giving a temperature and flu like symptoms which dont bode too well with sewing attempts. Still determined to have said faux patchwork handbag done for tomorrow though if it kills me, just have lining and handles to do, dont think it will be a seller though as not too pleased with the outside sewing not uniform enough, so think I may well use it myself as a hopeful advert of what I can do.

Anyway, back to the dogs introduction. Today is Jaja's turn. Jaja is our 6 year old Lurcher he will be 7 next month. We adopted him as a puppy from Swindon Strictly Strays when his Mum was taken into rescue expecting Puppies, Jaja was the last one nobody wanted as he grew so big at one time we thought he was never going to stop, but remained at 28" at the shoulder so not too bad, he was as tall as our late Greyhound. Jaja is great, he can be a bit aloof but an exceptionally well behaved boy never any bother to other dogs or people and great recall. Infact its time I dragged myself out and took them all for walkies now.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

After wondering what on earth to waffle on about today, I was just inspired by 'Setters Delight' blog, another member of the Craft Forum. So, instead of the total self pity I am feeling with the lurgy I have caught from the OH and struggling to get any work done at all today - I am going to begin and introduction of my dogs, who of course are responsible for the crafts I do all being dog related.

The first is Tess, who I adopted 8 years ago in July from Labrador Rescue. A very timid frightened soul who had not had the best of starts, she was first trained badly as a gundog so is gunshy (fireworks of course are a nightmare) then rehomed to the most awful of families who were very violent with her, making her a very nervous girl indeed. Tess is of course much better now, but was so traumatised in her early days we still have the odd wobble, but thats just Tess. She is my lovely baby although we think she may now be around 9 years old she is very fit and enjoys her 2 hour daily walks with the others, as well as the odd little jaunt in the local park.

Friday, 19 February 2010

EDIT AGAIN - Feedback received, which I am thrilled with......... (unfortunatly I cant paste on here it wont let me, but the lady loved her handbag and attention to detail in packaging, so I am feeling far more positive - very kind of her to take the time to send me such a lovely message too)

Struggling on what to write today, and on that terrible thing of LACK OF TIME. OH is at home and has man flu, but worse than that he had a brain storm and decided we should do that much needed job of cleaning up the bedroom and under the bed, rather a large time consuming task especialy on shopping day. So now thats all done left with an hour or so to get some catching up done on here and with the sewing (see faux leather patchwork below!).

So the only thing I can think of is a picture of one of my bags currently on sale on Ebay, I thought it was great, but seems I am alone in that thought - or is it the usual thing of Ebayers looking for merely 'cheap and cheerful'?

Anyway, here is my lovely recycled handbag of a rather stunning Golden Retriever by Pollyanna Pickering.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Well, today not been the best of days. Seems the job that pays the bills is going to have hours cut yet again, shortly before iminant redundancy. So, rather important I get these sales going soon. Anyway, before that lot of news arriving to wreck my day I had decided to show you my current project. Wondering if I can start a poll on if this will ever be shaped into a handmade handbag or not? Seemed a good idea at the time, but has been very time consuming and I am still at a loss on how to proceed after this and if it will work out or not. I hope so as I have collected rather a lot of recycled, or is that upcycled faux leather for this idea.

You know what its like when you can 'almost' see the finished product in your minds eye but not quite sure how to get there. Oh, in case you cant make it out yet - its going to be a faux leather patchwork handbag, or at least I hope it will. Should be somewhere near its conclusion by Monday next week, when I will of course show the end product wether it works or not, I can take failure - I think.............

Thank you again to the kind people following my blog, once I work out how I will return the favour to those of you I havent managed to yet.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Well, the Folksy shop is set up now - nothing for sale yet, but ready to go next week. I still have my last lot of items listed on ebay for the very last time up on Sunday then it will be goodbye to Ebay for listing the handmade handbags thats for sure, will go back to using the private account for family junk - but no more crafts at silly fees.

Better get back to the sewing now so I have something to put in said new shop.

Thank you for those who have taken a look at the new blog so far. Also to those who have pointed out the slight 'hitch' in the title, that I hope does not attract the wrong type of viewer, but too late now as the domain name for my website is already bought.

So, they were the first creations I made and very popular with friends and the 'odd' customer, but I still was not too thrilled with them, I wanted a more secure way of fixing a handle and a proper lining with pocket, the first lot seen had neither. So, yet more help from good old Amazon and along came another prototype, which came out a tad larger than I wanted. (See blue bag, with dogs made from curtain fabric and lined from pillow case).

Then I got it, got the lining right and the pocket and the handle more secure, hurray.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lets start at the beginning with bag number one (dont laugh). This is were it started, I ordered a kit from ebay modified it a bit and wanted to create a bag with some of my dogs and their friends. Before I knew it, I was creating a few of these for friends. I have progressed a little since, remember this is just the beginning and going back a year.
Before I go any further I must mention the reason for this blog, is due to my recently joining 'Thecraftforum' who have advised this to be step one in increasing some sales, I currently have 4 bags on ebay which are running till Sunday, that will be my last attempt on ebay. The next step will be to advertise bags on a Folksy shop, the link will be added once I get that far. Bare with me as I am not so PC savy, this may take some time.