About Me

I have only just realised (after a couple of years) I had no 'About Me' page. Realising this after looking for one on another blog I was reading to find out more about the author.

Hopefully the photograph above is one of me and Jaja (my lurcher) taken just last week, August 2012. So, now you can see me.. I live with my husband Steve and dogs Jaja, Tess and Alfie.

I started this blog as an attempt to lead people toward my Etsy shop were I try sell my creations of hand crafted bags and purses, also a few arty bits. But then took on a new direction when last year I started to learn to draw and paint, this opened up a lot of new blogs for me to follow which are all Art related. I like to read and join with like minded bloggers from across the world. I often converse with other Art Journallers, and many creative people most of whom I have plenty in common with.

Funny, creative people are more often than not animal lovers too and find heaps of other things in common.