Sunday, 14 March 2010

Evening bloggers
Remember my earlier witterings about not over doing things? I need reminding! With the exception of a visit to Mum for Mothers Day, spent the day working and more of the same ahead this eveing, I have today's handbag to add to Folksy and a box? yep, a box. Before I started on handbags, I made some trinket boxes used to take me forever and after a tough week of making a stack of them for an event only for them to do 'nothing' I packed it in. Hubby has suggested today though I try listing them, and I am going to do so at a far cheaper price than I was 'trying' to sell them for, as he pointed out the vast amount of boxes in the craft room could go and make some more room, perhaps for the vast amount of fabric that takes over. Also as the t-shirt press is in there, we were both working in there today which leaves little room for either of us, so something has to give.
Hubby has been pressing our dog charity logo onto t-shirts and making up some tote bags for the possible stall we may have in 3 weeks time, I am hoping to sneak some bags onto that too if I can make enough stock. Also my good friend from CollarsandWoofs has just invited me to share a stall with her in May, so if that doesnt clash with agility showing there is another to add to list.
Not to mention keeping up with the lambing, another lot of twin girls born today.
Well, must push on got to add latest bag to the Folksy shop, visit the Craft Forums - and update the doggie site. Hoping Linda from 'Setters Delight' had a good day at crufts today, I have had yet another phone call whilst typing this to tell me agility is on the TV, unfortunatly dont have the time to watch it, sometimes wonder why we have a TV onl switched on for an hour or so per day.

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