Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oh dear, struggling today on what on earth to write about, even 'Spellbound Charms' sock monsters have not inspired me today. In desperation on what to do I had a look through my photo's and thought I would treat you to my photo of the Robin I took last winter, one of my better efforts and a very friendly soul he was too.

Been at the 'day job' today which doesnt help, never liked it anyway but it did pay the bills he is definatly folding this year, so just clutching at the last few months really and hoping I will get 3 months pay as redundancy to tide me over. That or I may have to take on another dog for walking which will mean spliting the walks into two and less time for creating. I did manage to appeal to his better nature today (bossman that is) that or his lazy nature and managed to come away with 3 bags of Mrs Boss clothing to use in the handbags, not all suitable as I dont like dark colours so I have dutifully bagged up all the black and navy designer jackets to take to the charity shop next week, I do like to put something back there when I can. Shame I have long since seen a size 10 could have had some new finery to wear, but still have some nice quality fabric now.

Manged to find time to do some sewing too, still working on the Golden Retriever Handbag. Also put another bag in the Folksy shop, this one with Flatcoat Retriever, fingers crossed.

Oooh, I must thank Linda at 'Setters Delight' for nominating me for a Sunshine Award - if I ever get one of these you can have a really good laugh at my trying to work out how to get it here, and then how to nominate another 12 people, all looks very confusing to us thickos.


  1. I shall work on an inspiration Munster for you! Know how you feel with the day job, if only we could survive on no money and be able to create all day every day xx

  2. LOL, thank you x

    I would be more than happy to craft all day that do the nasty work thing

    Lynda x