Saturday, 13 March 2010

After all the excitement at Lambing central thought I better get back to the craft bit on the blog, but before I do there was a little boy lamb born last night, and twin girls this morning, and one more on the way this evening - seems like they have all decided to start now, and another 16 Ewes to go yet, hope they give our friends a day off first though they are getting a bit tired now.
See above latest bag to enter the Folksy shop, I just had to have that lovely portrait of the rough collie - only going to grace the shop for a couple of weeks then I will take it off and take the handbag for a ride out to a craft fair (if its still there of course!).
Today I am working on a fun Bulldog patchwork handbag so should have that one finished soon, trying to build up some stock for Easter, so put in a fair few hours today. Seems very quiet in blogland today, hope you are not all working too hard!
Enjoy rest of weekend.