Saturday, 27 March 2010

West Highland Terrier Handbag

Evening Bloggers,

Just for a change I am out of time. I was meant to be blogging tonight about my tri-fold leaflet and showing a picture to Mick, will try to get to that tomorrow, I did get it finished and printed a few out ready. As I have advertised my local charity shop in it, I just need to get permission on Monday to go ahead with that before I print out a few more.

Dashed about today getting ready for game fair next week - still lots to do. Then went to visit the lambs this afternoon, as we have a topic going on the dog website (see right) for viewers to watch how lambing is getting on. Ended up with the whole family there too, Mum and Dad and the daughter and boyfriend.

Managed to finish off said Westie handbag, and start on my next one which is an Airedale doing agility, now there is something different. This one should feature my new adjustable strap, all my newer handbags do now have 3 large pockets in them too. Had to dash onto Ebay for some clear bags to display them in as weather not looking so good so far for weekend, as the t-shirt bags we have are too small. Then in all the excitement to prepare I bagged up my frog handbags and this Westie one ready for next weekend, so I cant now put it in Folksy shop as would need all the measurements, decided to leave it after all, as a lot will be coming out of the shop next week to go with me anyway (thats if it doesnt sell!!!)

Thats it for me, hope the sun is shining on you all.

~Bags of Swank by SimJata~


  1. Looks just like our old Westie, Smudger, I m sure it will sell. It has the aah factor.