Friday, 29 April 2011

Folksy Friday ~ Fab Folksy Folk

Slightly different theme this week, those who read my last entry will have seen OH had a quite nasty car accident at weekend. This did affect us a bit more than I let on, the what 'might have beens' haunted me and what did surprise me the most was the reactions of others. First of I would like to thank some of my good friends Paula, Julie and Chris for their support. Also thanks to Mick, Ali and Eva who took the time to comment.
The best surprise was the support from my Folksy Family, in some cases this was more than people I thought were friends, so todays Folksy Friday is a thank you to those special not only talented but very kind people. As always simply click on the photo to be taken for further details of the item and enable you to look at the rest of the Folksy shop. Remember these are not just talented Folk, but also kind and supportive people.

To begin with is a lovely lady Bonnita from her new shop 'Scrub up Lovely' a tough choice on what to feature as all her soaps are gorgeous she is also making a new soap (made to order) that helps those of us who suffer from Psoriasis. Today I have featured her Gardeners Soap.

Next is Helen from 'Ivy Dean Designs' again, was quite a struggle to choose from all her fantastic jewellery but I have selected the Green Snake Skin Agate Necklace

Leanne, from Leanne Wood Designs has a great shop with so much to choose from, she has a variety of these lovely purses at great prices

Next up is Jill who is the 'Card Making Princess' selling fabulous cards and also some card making accessories

From Shirley, at Artigiana Jewellery again so much beautiful choice, I have selected this ceramic bead necklace

Lisa, from 'Infinit Jewellery' creates some special pieces ideal for the brides and for the young people's special Prom, this blue flower heart is one of my favourites in her shop

Next from 'The Sewing Room' Gracie has many choices too, this is one of her Cosmetic Bags she has to tempt you

Another Special someone is 'Diomo Glass' I do know her name, but have always referred to her as 'Diomo'. Just like to also give a warm welcome back to Diomo who has just returned to us at Folksy after a short absence.

Take a look at this from Laura, at 'Lauras Jewellery' lots to choose from again but my favourite is this Fairy love Cameo Pendant

Michelle from CShell Designs has some wonderful cards in her shop, this one is a Purple Dragon Fly Tilda Birthday Card

Last but by no means least is the superb talent of Linda from Uniquely Yours, during the show I did and the aftermath I was a bit down on promotion efforts, Linda very kindly featured my items in her fantastic blog (the one with the poetry). Again hard to choose but I thought these were a great idea for the warm evenings outdoors.

Thank you for reading, and dont forget not only are these Folksy Crafters talented, but also great people. Please enjoy a treat from one of their super shops, the hard work put into them and still sparing the time for others makes it a worth while choice.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Weekend

As you know from my previous post this weekend was spent fund-raising and spreading awareness for Woof Beginnings. Friday was the day to set up, great fun was had trying to erect the new small marquee, especially after working out the instructions did not correspond with the poles in the box, so after a couple of hours of trying the instructions were abadonded and after another couple of hours of trying and help from some of the other stall holders we managed to get the thing resembling how it should. Saturday morning from 8am was setting up which turned out to take much longer than we thought too, so the photo is of it 'almost' done. The good news was despite the strong wind there it stayed for the whole event, and this time no imploding or blowing away. I always enjoy watching the birds of prey, though I am a bit nervous of them - but was brave enough to take a couple of pictures of the babies and the barn owl.

Not the best of amounts raised after 3 long days - we only took £79, but then of course the public do not have the same amount of pennies these days to give out. We did raise awareness and manage to send a few people along to the various rescue's we support in the hope of homing some needy dogs, so thats the main thing.

A dampener on the weekend was OH got his car written off in a nasty crash on Sunday evening, him and Alfie were very lucky and both intact despite the car resembling a banana wrapped around the traffic light it was punted into. Took a good few hours after the paramedics, traffic police and tow truck had sorted it all out, and a visit to A&E to have OH checked over. The car has now been crushed into a box. Certainly focus's the mind toward what is really important in life.

No work done for a few days, though I have picked up a custom order on-line so must be getting on with that today. So I hope nobody minds my just showing of a couple of items at the end of this as a reminder what is available in my shop.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and please remember to cherish those you love - as in the blink of an eye things can suddenly be so different.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Folksy Friday goes Psychedelic

Yes, I know its not Friday yet - but here is me being very early for once. As mentioned in my last entry I have a 3 day show at the Southport Town and Country Fair, setting up tomorrow and there till Monday night. Not for Bags of Swank but for Woof Beginnings to raise funds for needy dogs.

So, this weeks Psychedelic Folksy Friday is a wee bit early.

To begin is BooBooCraft with this wonderful Make up/Cosmetics Bag

I have selected 2 from NofkantsCurios as the first item, which is the ACEO all proceeds go towards the Japan Appeal. The second of Natalies items I like a lot, I know its warm outside now, but just how long will that last?

From The Cats Whiskers Jewellery is a cute Russian doll named Ruth, can also be made into a brooch

Little Denim shows off this seriously cute Baby Bib and slippers

This super chunky bracelet from Lou Lou's Luxuries is due to end on Saturday, so you better be quick before someone else snaps it up

Laura Faye Crafts features this superb bright necklace with great psychedelic buttons.

Last but not least from me here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, one tote bag for the cycle person and one great bright messenger bag

Dont forget now, all you need to do is simply click on the pictures above to be taken to the talented crafters Folksy shop for further details of the item shown, and to enjoy a browse around the shop at the rest of the items on offer.

Have a great Easter, not too many eggs now.. and go find that sunscreen think we will all need it.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fun in the Sun

The dogs keep telling me its far too nice to be indoors working. So warm for them out we dash down to the pond and spend more time there for them to keep cool. In today's pictures from earlier in the day, we have my Alfie (the Black Labrador), his best friend Zac (Golden Retriever) and my old girl Tess (yellow labrador), having far too much fun.
By the time the dog walking was done, not much time to squash in the rest of the days chores, and no time left at all to get any work done. I did however manage to list one of the Summer Bags I created yesterday.

Also on the warm summer theme, is the last one listed for the bicycle enthusiast.

Hope you are all enjoying the spell of good weather, I am not really a big fan of it, seen today under a large hat. Not sure when I will get to blog next as its our fund raiser over the weekend for Woof Beginnings, setting up our new marquee on Friday then the show is Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with family tea to enjoy on Sunday evening too, but I guess most people will be out and about enjoying Easter and the forcast good weather. Hopefully in my area they will be at the Town and Country Fair in Southport buying from our stall to help the needy dogs.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Friday, 15 April 2011

Folksy Friday for the Cat People

Thank Folksy its Friday, sure we have all had a very busy week and look forward to another sunny weekend. For today I am featuring the wonderful crafted cat items that can be found on Folksy, or at least a small collection.
Dont forget, you can just click onto the photograph to be taken to further details of that item and to browse the rest of the crafter's wonderful shop.

To begin I have to show you a super handknitted Tom Cat by "Jeans Nattyknits 48"

From "Clarkie Designs" a rather cute cat framed collage

"Helen Jane's Designs" have this cat doorstop

"Claires - Cross Stitch" has this super cat birthday card

"Daisy Beth" is the talent behind this cat crochet phone case

A large cat, but nonetheless a cat from "Nofkants Curious" a Gemstone Tiger Handbag Charm

"Hollowbourne" has this original style of Cheshire Cat Brooch

A small zipper bag featuring Love Cats from "Frabjoustings"

A Cats Eye print from one of the photographers on Folksy "Passionate About Photography"

From "Aunty Joan Crafts" lovely card, Cat nap

Talented artist "Audrey's Art" has many of these cat ACEO's in her shop this is one of my favourites

Another of the great artists on Folksy is "Art Magic" with one of the ACEO's in her shop this one selected by me as it is a cat Counting Sheep

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa seem to have collected a fair few Cat themed bags, here are just two of them

So, a great selection of the fabulous talent to be found on Folksy for the cat person, or should that read 'The Cats Person'?

Have a great weekend, and hope the sun shines for you all.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Monday, 11 April 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday tomorrow, another year has just flown by. Dont know about you out there but it seems to be true the older you are the faster it seems to fly by.
So today I treated myself from a day off working and had a try at creating some summer tops, not having a clue where to start I had the fool idea I might be able to sell them one day.. or not!
I am clueless with a pattern so started from scratch, the summer flower being my first using some reclaimed duvet fabric, as you see the buttons are a tad on the wonky side, lessons to be learnt there for a start. Not to mention not enough seam allowance so the top wont fit me either.
Top number 2, is made from some 'Tom and Jerry' fabric I had lying around with no use, (as of course we cannot sell Disney due to copyright) so this is of course for me, with yet another wonky button, not tried it yet but it has come out larger than the first attempt so should be good. I have one more metre of fabric to try out then I just might return to the art of bag making.
Speaking of which, here are a couple of my bags available in my Folksy shop.

Simply click on the picture to be taken to my shop for further pictures and details, dont worry I promise there are no silly tops in there.

Not much planned for tomorrow, dog walking which seems to take me over 2 hours these days, then bringing forward my task of making the dog treats for next days class (usually done in the evening), Tuesdays is always take Aunt out for afternoon, then family meal at other Aunties and Cake, hurray!! No cooking or washing up for me tomorrow.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just too nice for work today

It seems such a long time since we enjoyed a morning like this, so Alfie our rescue Labrador, along with his housemates Tess and Jaja, and his pals Baily, Zac and new friend Woody 'forced' us to take them for a great walk to the cooling pond for some fun.

Alfie's best friend in the world is the light coloured retriever Zac, when these two get together their shared brain cell is lost forever and as you see, fun is the name of the game.

The dogs at play together are my Tess,Alfie, Bailey, Zac and their new pal Woody the Lurcher who until very recently spent 7 months in a kennel at the RSPCA awaiting a new home, at last his has found his own special home along with Trevor and his partner who love him very much and have taught him what being a 'special' boy is all about.

Not much work done so far today, infact not ANY work done so far today - so I must also use this opportunity to show off the dog products available in my shop.

First we have a tote bag in Lavender with a photo of Bailey the Retriever, this bag is also to show the possibility of your very own photograph which can also be used in a tote bag design.

Here is one for the Chocolate Labrador fan

This bag is the same as the one I use, with all the colours of Labrador on

Lastly, most recent listing from me in my Folksy shop (the photo's all take you there) is this holder for your glasses, mobile or other gadget

Hope you are all out enjoying the wonderful weather whilst you can, this is just perfect for me as I am not a fan of the heat, but love the sun with a nice cooling breeze.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~