Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Custom Handbag

Early blog today, I am meant to be boxing up all the cards for the game fair, must do that next, and finishing off the last of the t-shirts. I got the card stand, hurray! we just have to hope the weather improves now, as not looking so good right now, worst bit is if the rain continue's the whole game fair may be cancelled which will just be terrible, people have worked so hard and my house is literally full of the stock for it, lots of lovely people have donated.

All ready with some of my bags - well, they are made, not bagged up as my packaging still not arrived, leaflets half printed, business cards installed in new handbag. My very own custom bag made so I can show people what I mean, a few pictures here so I can show off all sides, My own handbag is 'me' its in my colours, my favorites and hopefully to tone in with my Bags of Swank theme, my other life which is my dogs, past and present, and my logo from the fund raising oranisation - just about covers me I thought.

Creating this bag we have found the original pictures were the better ones, the transfer paper donated to us is not really good enough for custom handbags, so when I get some orders - which will of course be this weekend, she says............... we will order the transfer paper and fabric we used before as this is far better results, the pics of the Greyhounds on my bag are with the decent stuff, you might be able to see the difference, and the lurcher on the back too - results are far better.

Also ordered some more webbing today, as we need a tracking line for Alfie the Labrador's scent work, was going to buy one and found I have the supplies to make one myself, hubby suggested I make dog leads and collars for the show, as of course he seems to think I dont need sleep too - something I may consider for the future, but not martingales as my good friend at Collars and Woofs makes those, perhaps the clip ones and leads.

Thats it for today, better go get my chores done, dog training tonight so wont be about then.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Design Handbag

Here you have it, the first handbag with adjustable strap - quite proud of myself with that one. Also with 3 pockets inside and a proper messenger bag snap fastener. Looks like an Airedale to me, but could pass as a fox terrier I suppose? and busy doing agility like my dogs are doing this weekend.
I have also finished today my own customised handbag for advertising, with my dogs on past and present, inside loaded with business cards and soon to be flyers - which I know I still havent got around to showing off on here either, but as usual struggling for time.
On top of the mountains of ironing for this weekends show (hubby decided to print a stack of t-shirts, all needed ironing and bagging up) I have been desperatly trying to track down a greetings card stand after being let down twice, I finally found one from a super contact on Folksy, all paid for and packaged up when she discovers it will take too long to get here by Parcel Farce, so had a mad panic earlier, and just 'might' have got one locally via 'preloved' but still waiting for them to get back too, they have said we can pick it up tonight, so its that or another £7 for DHL to do it from the contact on Folksy. Whoops, email just in - fingers crossed we may have one tonight!
More soon, hopefully.
Bags Of Swank by SimJaTa

Saturday, 27 March 2010

West Highland Terrier Handbag

Evening Bloggers,

Just for a change I am out of time. I was meant to be blogging tonight about my tri-fold leaflet and showing a picture to Mick, will try to get to that tomorrow, I did get it finished and printed a few out ready. As I have advertised my local charity shop in it, I just need to get permission on Monday to go ahead with that before I print out a few more.

Dashed about today getting ready for game fair next week - still lots to do. Then went to visit the lambs this afternoon, as we have a topic going on the dog website (see right) for viewers to watch how lambing is getting on. Ended up with the whole family there too, Mum and Dad and the daughter and boyfriend.

Managed to finish off said Westie handbag, and start on my next one which is an Airedale doing agility, now there is something different. This one should feature my new adjustable strap, all my newer handbags do now have 3 large pockets in them too. Had to dash onto Ebay for some clear bags to display them in as weather not looking so good so far for weekend, as the t-shirt bags we have are too small. Then in all the excitement to prepare I bagged up my frog handbags and this Westie one ready for next weekend, so I cant now put it in Folksy shop as would need all the measurements, decided to leave it after all, as a lot will be coming out of the shop next week to go with me anyway (thats if it doesnt sell!!!)

Thats it for me, hope the sun is shining on you all.

~Bags of Swank by SimJata~

Friday, 26 March 2010

Easter Flower

Bit previous I know, but thought I would share my Easter Flower (it does have another name, but escapes me just now) as I am sure many of you out there are also preparing for Easter Shows.
Today has again, much like yesterday, passed by in a blur and I still have my tri-fold leaflet to prepare, got some of it done last night - need to try finish it tonight. Business cards on way, and a few new parts for new 'adjustable' handbag handles.
Managed to get about 2/3rds of the way through my Westie bag, but handle needs more work now as again short on time mucked that up so had to leave it for today.
Only another 3 bags to start and finish in time for weekend, eeeeeeeeeeek - and loose an hour on Sunday with the clocks, which I could well do without.

Have a good weekend all.

~Bags Of Swank by SimJaTa~

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Well, what a day - I got up today and did some more sorting out of kitchen, and a start (well, a very small start) on the craft room. Then on with PC to catch up on craft forums, blogs etc - and found no connection, what a disaster. So, I have had no PC all day till hubby got home at 6pm to sort it out, needless to say I now have rather a lot to catch up on. I have managed to list my Purple Frogs on Folksy, and got a lot done on the Westie bag today. I even tidied my desk today.
Today's picture is of our old Boy Tigger, who we lost last year to cancer. I am trying not to be sad, but it would have been his 13th birthday today so he has been on my mind most of the day, not that he is ever forgotten, hubby and I talk of him most days - Tigger was a very special dog, he was our first dog as a couple, neither of us had a clue what we were doing, so he was probably the worst behaved Labrador EVER, if anyone saw Marley and Me, that was our boy too.
Better get on, I have flyers to sort out and price tags for the game fair - must make at least a start on that design, or at least the pictures - as it took me 2 hours to do yesterday's handbag picture, I may be some time, as I have to make all my pics on a white background for the flyer, but hey I have 8 days to go yet, no rush LOL, and 50 printed t-shirts to iron and bag up whilst I am doing nothing.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Having managed to finish froggie bag number 2, I then spent the last 2 hours enhancing the photo to enter a competition on 'makers on line', worth a try. Now running out of time to check out everything else. But here it is the second in the frog line, so thats it for now. Just started a cute little Westhighland Terrier Handbag ready for the game fair. I hope to add the purple frog bag to Folksy tomorrow, this one I have added one of my old handbag charms to as I thought it co-ordinated nicely.
Been a long day, started off having a kitchen sort out, then finally ordered my updated business cards, rest of day spent sewing inbetween dog walking. Its our Alfie (Labrador) 2nd birthday today, so had to have a good walk for him.
Now off for a quick dash round the forums and blogs before my date with Richard Hammond on the TV at 9pm.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Frogs are here!

Well, the frogs are here and I still love them. I have really enjoyed working on this one with the happy frogs to keep me company. So much so I am starting another, of course no design is ever the same, so will be different colour scheme to the next one, hoping it will be a soft faux suede - if I can master that.
Today I have joined UK handmade, I have the logo on my website, just cant work out how to add it to my blog yet.
Now off to add the Happy Frogs to my Folksy Shop.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Its my friend Maureen's birthday today, she is the one with the lambs, so guess what she got for her birthday? Yep, the collie handbag - of course she has working sheepdogs too.

Been rushing around today sorting out the Woof Beginnings stall at the Game Fair in Southport, Easter Weekend, so much to do. But managed to put in a few hours on the froggie bag which I am growing quite attatched too, such a cheery thing. Hoping to get a decent stock together, but time is marching on at far too fast a pace, my friend running a sales stall for dogs is going to spotlight some of my handbags, if I ever get some done in time.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Very quick one today - honest. Eyeballs are dragging on the floor, and I cant even blame hard work or lack of hours this time, but can blame lack of sleep (again). Wonder if anyone else has had 'frozen shoulder' been suffering for a week or so, but now getting much worse its worse at night and now seriously affecting my sleep, resulting in a difficult day ahead.

So, I finally - having been at it all week finished the Pug Handbag, but have decided against adding it to my shop, its not right at all. The problem is the suede patchwork square I used when realising my machine couldnt cope with real suede, so I abadoned the rest of the idea of using it and just left the square, not realising that I had to sew the top seam at the end, so of course it has snagged and spoiled the entire effect. Might just take it to the game fair as a 'second' and sell much cheaper. Not thrilled with the square either tbh, need a new idea for that too.

I have managed to cut out the frog bag tonight ready to start in the morning, lets hope I have more success there.

Just to finish off the day I tried to catch up on the craft forum only for my internet connection to fail and loose all the active topics, so cant catch up now and I love reading up on what everyone has been up to on there.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

too much to do and too little time to do it

Well, I think I lost yesterday altogether in a blur. On top of the attempt to get this business going, of which I have done zilch in the last couple of days, we now have a stall at our local game fair for our charity Woof Beginnings, starting from scratch as we have never done one before. So, we have had to design a stall, sort out a banner, tables, display, stock, volunteers, insurance, etc and we have 2 weeks in which to do this as its at Easter. I am also trying to get a stock of handmade handbags together for one of the dog stalls, eeeeeeeeeeek - and not doing so well, as the days keep getting shorter? I swear someone pops along and just steals all my hours. I seem to run around all day and before I know it its 9pm, and I do try stop and unwind then.

Last night was another visit to the new lambs, there are 13 of them now - rather busy there. Here is little Archie who is still being bottle fed every couple of hours, and some twins who were born a couple of days ago. Not only are our friends the sheep people, dog trainers etc busy with the lambing season they are also helping us sort out this charity stall - always the busy people who get so much done.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Check out my new link

Hello All,
Hope you like today's picture - I was struggling what to treat you all to today. There is a relevance albiet a shaky one............. My postie turned up today with my fabric order, I dont order much as most of my bags are using recycled fabrics, but I do try to add some features - so I have the most adorable froggie fabric, that link came after our attempt here to protect our Natterjack Toads for the Cycle path they are trying to lay locally.
I would also like to feature today my new contact 'Sewandsoaps' see link on the right for her website. I found her on the craft forum after she posted what a slow time she had last couple of days until wearing one of her embroidered items, seems like a great idea for us all - I do of course carry my handmade handbags with me most of the time, but what better way to promote yourself than with clothing with your shop name etc on. So, I will soon be the proud owner of a Hoodie and a polo shirt designed by 'Sewandsoaps' who has great attention to detail, and colour and like many of us certainly puts the work in to help her sales, not that she should need to with her talent and fair prices. So, if you fancy a hoodie, bag, polo shirt or many of the other items check her out via the link, she also does soaps and gift sets.

Monday, 15 March 2010

I know I am meant to be blogging about crafts, what I am doing and working harder on the promotion bit, but today I cant. I just had to pay tribute to this wonderful girl Kiera. I have just found out that this wonderful husky was killed in an RTA last week, before she reached 2 years old.

Kiera was my Alfie's very first playmate, We saw her everyday on the park and often around on our other walks, even in the evenings when doing scent work she was being walked by her doting owners.

Not your typical Husky, Kiera was the most laid back dog ever. All the dogs loved her as she had such a wonderful way with them, when the mood took her she would play with Alfie and we would joke he got 'beaten up by a girl' that day. I feel terrible as having not seen her last week I just assumed they were on holiday, not for one minute did I think anything had happened to her, I cant imagine what her loving family are going through, they adored her.

Sleep tight dear girl, sure Rainbow Bridge will be ready when you saunter on in there. All your friends will miss you terribly.

sorry folks, normal blog service will be resumed tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Evening bloggers
Remember my earlier witterings about not over doing things? I need reminding! With the exception of a visit to Mum for Mothers Day, spent the day working and more of the same ahead this eveing, I have today's handbag to add to Folksy and a box? yep, a box. Before I started on handbags, I made some trinket boxes used to take me forever and after a tough week of making a stack of them for an event only for them to do 'nothing' I packed it in. Hubby has suggested today though I try listing them, and I am going to do so at a far cheaper price than I was 'trying' to sell them for, as he pointed out the vast amount of boxes in the craft room could go and make some more room, perhaps for the vast amount of fabric that takes over. Also as the t-shirt press is in there, we were both working in there today which leaves little room for either of us, so something has to give.
Hubby has been pressing our dog charity logo onto t-shirts and making up some tote bags for the possible stall we may have in 3 weeks time, I am hoping to sneak some bags onto that too if I can make enough stock. Also my good friend from CollarsandWoofs has just invited me to share a stall with her in May, so if that doesnt clash with agility showing there is another to add to list.
Not to mention keeping up with the lambing, another lot of twin girls born today.
Well, must push on got to add latest bag to the Folksy shop, visit the Craft Forums - and update the doggie site. Hoping Linda from 'Setters Delight' had a good day at crufts today, I have had yet another phone call whilst typing this to tell me agility is on the TV, unfortunatly dont have the time to watch it, sometimes wonder why we have a TV onl switched on for an hour or so per day.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

After all the excitement at Lambing central thought I better get back to the craft bit on the blog, but before I do there was a little boy lamb born last night, and twin girls this morning, and one more on the way this evening - seems like they have all decided to start now, and another 16 Ewes to go yet, hope they give our friends a day off first though they are getting a bit tired now.
See above latest bag to enter the Folksy shop, I just had to have that lovely portrait of the rough collie - only going to grace the shop for a couple of weeks then I will take it off and take the handbag for a ride out to a craft fair (if its still there of course!).
Today I am working on a fun Bulldog patchwork handbag so should have that one finished soon, trying to build up some stock for Easter, so put in a fair few hours today. Seems very quiet in blogland today, hope you are not all working too hard!
Enjoy rest of weekend.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

I couldnt find any roses to smell, so took some time out today to visit some new lambs. This Ewe decided to start early for our friends who were not expecting their first lambs till Tuesday next week. She gave birth to three, two girls and a boy. The girls are doing well, but the little boy lamb needs some extra help, so seen in picture is me bottle feeding little boy lamb today, not really a natural as most of the milk ended up all over me, but I did manage to get some down the little fella, and he is now starting to take it better, hopefully he will soon catch up with his sisters and be able to feed from Mum.
One of the reason's I was doing this is on my doggie forum, "Woof Beginnings" we are having some fun at giving all the lambs names, the winner for these three hasnt been announced as yet. So its my job to take pictures for the members so they can see the lambs they are naming.

Not a great deal of work done today, we have also just got the chance of our own dog fundraising stall at a local game fair, with three weeks to go, eeeeeeeeeek - so day spent sorting out some stock and designing and finding a printer for a banner. Same game fair I am taking some of my bags too, which I am supposed to be creating a tad quicker than I am doing, still a whole three weeks to go yet, LOL - sleep? isnt that for whimps?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Hello All
Some of you may already have read my ranting on Folksy or The Craft Forum, so I wont repeat it but had a tough time last couple of days which has fortunatly taught me a lot.
For those of you out there putting in 50+ hours at your crafts, STOP!!! Its too much, you need to take some time out and have a break, a tired crafter will not be a good one I'm sure. So I have given myself the day off today.
Todays message is to take care of yourself and stop over working, its not good for us - we need to stop and smell the roses, as there are not any out yet I thought I would share one of last years photos.
If you can spare the cash, take some time out and go shopping on Folksy and treat yourself to something nice:) Lots of mothers day gifts out there so plenty of choice.
Wednesday and Thursday are busy days for me with the day job and other commitments so I usually struggle to get some sewing done before dog training later on by which time I am exhausted and cant wait to get home to my bed, so today no sewing just a couple of hours flitting about on the forums and reading the blogs people take time to write, then hopefully be more relaxed for dog training which will go better, then home to bed - no catching up here or anywhere else.
Hard to put this into words without going into boring details, but it is really important to take some time out before you burn out. Take Care now as tomorrow is another new, and hopefully sunny day.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello All
Quick one tonight, and no piccies as I cant get at them atm. I just wanted to say thank you for my Sunshine Award, and sorry to the last two lovely people for nominating me. Are you ready for this? I have been waiting to see if I won one of the nominations, yes go on laugh cant say I blame you. I thought you waited to see if you won. So, tomorrow night when I have hubby to help me I will try to add it here with a proper thank you, and send my own nominations out.

Not much done today, I spent the afternoon attatched to the phone sorting out an article in the local press - sadly not for my crafts but from the geneology I did last year, when I found out about the child migrants in the family shipped off to Australia, I have never been able to find them and the local paper are running a feature on this subject and going to help. So, as I needed to find all the photo's and actual dates, there went my afternoon of sewing. Also decided my current Rough Collie handbag may well be my last on Folksy for now, and I better start creating some stock for the craft fairs, a friend who runs a dog supply stall is going to try do some selling for me.

I did spend some valuable time on the Folksy forum today, were I learnt what I 'should' be wittering on about here, thanks to Niftyknits and another expert - as you can see I havent exactly put that into practice yet.

So, thats it for tonight (and this was meant to be short) tomorrow should 'hopefully' be the Sunshine Awards:)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Evening Bloggers,

Well what to write about today? I was going to show you todays handbag, but starting to bore myself with that now, so If you wish to see the new 'horses' handbag its in my folksy shop.

I have spent today doing some more networking, finally found the forum on folksy so introduced myself on there, created a Flickr account - not that I actually understand how that works, but searched around the groups and joined one called 'Dog Art' that had a lot on and some great stuff on a blog there I have joined, hope she returns the favour, she is in the USA but has some wonderful doggie items on sale. Hubby got my counter working on the website so I can now see at least it has some views.

So, as I have spent time in the virtual dog world today I thought I would share today's photo with you of my late Greyhound Dave, we lost him last September very suddenly he was ok when we went to bed but not in the morning, he had suffered a stroke, nothing could be done. A huge loss to us, Dave was a lovley boy we adopted him after 3 homes who simply didnt understand the boy, once understood he was fabulous, there was no malice in Dave he was just a bit on the brainless side - no really he was! We were lucky enough to share 8 years with him, and like our others lost we miss him every day.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

It seems very quite out there in blog land today, hope you are all busy enjoying your crafting. At a loss again today what to waffle on about, spent the morning on the 'cycle path' challenge (see yesterday's blog) collecting signatures and spreading the word, so the dogs got a long walk and to play with an awful lot of dogs whilst we chatted, its very quiet in here tonight with 3 very tired dogs.

This afternoon I managed to get quite a bit done on the latest bag, which is to feature horses for a change from the usual, after that I am planning another patchwork design so that will keep me busy for the week, takes me quite a while to do the patchwork ones.

For today's photo I thought I would share my lurcher Jaja, this was his pose for the first calendar we produced for "Woof Beginnings" that one we featured the dogs all dressed up, so might treat you to a few more of them, as I think they do have the smile factor. He is seen here on a warm summer's day (remember those?) with his shades and hubby's Woof Beginnings shirt.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hello Bloggers

Busy day today, but not so much on the sewing front. Busy doing battle with the local council, planning permission is going through this week to construct a cycle path through the sand dunes were I walk my dogs, there are people have walked their dogs there for 40 years its about the only place we can walk in peace away from the whiners and dog haters. It is also (supposidly) a protected area for wildlife, were we have Natterjack Toads and sand lizards who will be disturbed by this, but it seems they are now out of the equation after years of being protected. I just posted on my local town forum, only to cop a ton of abuse about dog mess for which you would think I personally responsible for the level of abuse I just took. Looking like a battle we are not going to win.

Anyway, that aside - I managed to finish the Golden Retriever Satchel/Handbag which seems to have come out well, will add that to the Folksy shop later on, here is your sneak preview. My next project is with horses by way of a change. Also had a card to design, something else I used to do but still have customers who return every now and again, usually at short notice ie last night, wanting one posting out today! So that was my first job of the afternoon. This morning was hair cut, I hate hair not had it cut since December and was well over due, much shorter and less hassle now, life is far too short to spend on hair.

Nice dog walk around lunchtime, beautiful day - warmer than of late and sunny sets one up for a nice afternoon after a nice walk and fresh air.

Hope everyone has a nice productive weekend x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oh dear, struggling today on what on earth to write about, even 'Spellbound Charms' sock monsters have not inspired me today. In desperation on what to do I had a look through my photo's and thought I would treat you to my photo of the Robin I took last winter, one of my better efforts and a very friendly soul he was too.

Been at the 'day job' today which doesnt help, never liked it anyway but it did pay the bills he is definatly folding this year, so just clutching at the last few months really and hoping I will get 3 months pay as redundancy to tide me over. That or I may have to take on another dog for walking which will mean spliting the walks into two and less time for creating. I did manage to appeal to his better nature today (bossman that is) that or his lazy nature and managed to come away with 3 bags of Mrs Boss clothing to use in the handbags, not all suitable as I dont like dark colours so I have dutifully bagged up all the black and navy designer jackets to take to the charity shop next week, I do like to put something back there when I can. Shame I have long since seen a size 10 could have had some new finery to wear, but still have some nice quality fabric now.

Manged to find time to do some sewing too, still working on the Golden Retriever Handbag. Also put another bag in the Folksy shop, this one with Flatcoat Retriever, fingers crossed.

Oooh, I must thank Linda at 'Setters Delight' for nominating me for a Sunshine Award - if I ever get one of these you can have a really good laugh at my trying to work out how to get it here, and then how to nominate another 12 people, all looks very confusing to us thickos.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

After today's walk I realised I had not introduced you to one of the other dogs I walk as yet. Please meet 'Tigger' the Kelpie.

I realised this, as not much work done today after having spent most of the walk trying to retrieve said dog from the golf course. The club have finally fixed the fence as its the 'Ladies Golf Tournament' this year, so another excuse to stop us walkers using our regular spot soon too, and posh things up a bit. So, Tigger managed to find what must be the ONLY hole in it, heaven knows were and get himself stuck on the course, we had to walk him by the fence to try find a way out - this involved us having to battle our way through all the undergrowth to stay as close as we could so he could see us, the other dogs thought it was great fun with the exception of the lurcher who did not do so well with the thorns and bushes we had to wade through. Anyway, we did eventually get to the gate at the end and retrieve the little darling.

I did have quite a productive evening last night though, I went shopping in the USA (on-line of course) and found some very nice fabrics to highlight the handbags, still using my own recycled lines but some nice topics to go with them, so a new range will be around once they arrive. Also touched into Canada and Australia, quite the globe trotter I was.

Also, after having withdrawal symptoms from the charity shop I snook there for 5 mins today too, and obtained some lovely new lining fabric and a pair of Cotton Trader jeans.

As for the current handbag, not much done really - a wee bit of embroidery, not done that for a while, that was about it really, might take me a bit longer now that one, see what tomorrow brings - lets hope for a shorter walk, just a couple of hours would do thank you this time.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First of all thank you to my fellow bloggers without whom I was at a loss of what on earth to witter on about today. (I had to read yours first).

I managed to finish the handmade gundog handbag today, again I am not sure about it now? Anyone else suffer from looking at something so long you cant really tell if its any good or not by the time you are finished? Anyway, thats today's picture - later on I will add some bags to the Folksy shop I really must get that done. I have cut out the next handbag, its going to be a 'Golden Retriever' one (hopefully).

I am having withdrawal symptoms from the charity shop, not been for days - very short on time this week, hope to get there on Friday though a friend of mine has picked up some bits for me so need to get to her at some point to see what goodies she has for me. I also am lucky enough to have a friend in the Midlands who manages a charity shop and sends me lots of bits and pieces, I love her parcels. If you are reading this Liz, please hurry up with your pictures so I can get that bag done with your dogs on as a thank you.

Also, if any doggie folk out there can send some healing thoughts to the Goldie I walk 'Bailey' (seen in pictures below) he has been very poorly, been to see the vet today but was a very sick dog earlier if he is no better by Thursday could be looking at xrays and or surgery, his 'dire rear' has gone on far too long now and is a bit worrying. He is only 4 years old so hopefully is nothing to sinister and will clear up soon. Get Well Soon gorgeous boy.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Hi All

Today's entry, despite the acute embarrassment of the photo, is an important event.

Each year I produce a calendar for the dog walkers containing many of the dogs who walk on the sandhills each day. We have raised funds for a few charities over the years usually dog related. But last year, due to our loosing one of our walkers my friend Jessie to Cancer on 28th February 2009, we decided to raise funds for the local hospice 'Queenscourt' who looked after Jessie during her last few weeks.

Jessie's son Paul was responsible for many of the sales with his dog Bailey who I now walk each day, my friend Julie and I walked Bailey for Jessie whilst she was ill and now as Paul works full time with his own business we carry this on.

We managed to raise £570 in loving memory of Jessie. Seen in the photograph is Paul, Bailey, me and Brian from the hospice accepting the cheque.