Monday, 30 July 2012

New Painting Style

Whoops, I see its been some time since my last blog. Time goes so fast these days. Just for a change I have been busy painting, (and sketching too, but not shown those) seen here is a very large canvas, with inks on. Now it has more colour, paint and black sides... the idea is to actually then put a painting on it.. but its very nerve wracking. I do have a place to exhibit in town now, just a matter of getting brave enough and I am hoping to start with this canvas.

Anyway, the new painting style is abstract, I love it. I love looking at brightness and fun pictures, and I love doing them... amazingly with all this expressionism my sketching of realism is improving, not sure how that works? Here is an A3 painting of a sketch I did in my book, its the first time I have actually managed a copy, aside from the dog who does look more like a gargoyle in this painting and is actually a greyhound in my sketchbook, not sure what happened there?

The next was part of my being brave and painting on a new canvas, its only A3 sized but was still an achievement for me to actually paint on it, the funiest thing about this painting is its marmite effect - everyone who has seen it either loves it or hates it.. I'm not really sure about it, but never mind its bright and cheery thats for sure.

This one was my first 'Love Heart Girl' it is my aim to do a collection of these once I am happy with one, the last one was so hideous I didnt even photograph her, so they do still need some improvements. But Mum was fond of this one as she likes the colours.

So there you have it, my new style (for now) love it or hate it - I enjoy it. Some of you may notice I am influenced by some of the abstract painters, one of my all time favourites on line, he can be found on Youtube and his paintings are on sale on ebay is "RaeArt" he is worth looking up, his works are great and he teaches on youtube and entertains too.

I'm off to take another look at this large canvas............

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Art Journal - Book of Days

This is my latest page in my 'Book of Days' Art Journal, I first learnt about Art Journalling through my friend Zoe (Fordie Fresh) blog, started to google for more information which lead me to the wonderfully talented Effy Wild and her group for the 'Book of Days'. This was back in January and I have learnt so much since then, not just about Art but life in general, and help for an improved outlook on life. The above page was 'inspired' by this weeks video from Effy, in the Book of Days program there are 2 of these per week completely free and a Facebook group you can join if you wish (and a flickr group) you can find more information and the videos here Book of Days.

It is in part due to my involvement with the Book of Days group I have had the confidence to try painting on canvas and larger papers - I'm not that great at it yet, but I have a wonderful time and can escape for hours with my easel and paints. This is the painting I did this week on canvas board 20" x 16".

This week I have learnt so much more and cant wait to put what I have learnt into practice, I have some A3 card all primed and ready to go, just needing a bit more free time......... infact I might just make a start this evening, why wait?

I have popped some illustrated ACEO's in my Etsy shop, so dont forget in a few years when I am a world famous artist they will be very valuable (LOL!!!!)

Before I forget, anyone who read my last post about my dimwitted Labrador who ate the jellyfish, he is fine now - thank you to those who messaged me to find out how he was:)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Garbage Guts

Its been a while, again... sorry about that. I have had a few issues going on, some health related and some dog related so not much arting going on, and despite the work on the Etsy shop I am joining M&S with the fall in sales, though not quite loosing as many millions.

So, the dogs - well actually its just been this one in the picture we will call him Garbage Guts for now. Due to my walking with a group of people each day who have spoilt him, and there being a large group of dogs to play with, without my noticing all this became far more interesting than me it seems. GG has become a very naughty and unruly dog and this has to stop! Of course his daily walking fan club can see no wrong in his behavoir but I can. To me a dog who jumps up at people, snatches biscuits from their hands and steals from pockets, not to mention has absolutely no recall whatsoever is not a good (or nice) dog to be around.

This came to a head today, when the OH and I set off toward to sea with GG, Tess, Jaja and Bailey to have a lovely peaceful walk with nobody about (its a bit on the muddy side on the coast, so not many others venture out there).. it was going great till old Garbage Guts found something in the distance to eat, despite our calling him back and telling him to leave it.. gone it was:( which was no surprise really. We continued on until GG became very very poorly indeed, we had to turn back take the other dogs home and head for the vet!

We suspect the offending article to have been a jelly fish!! so vet treatment and a nice weekend bill followed, and a rather poorly looking Labrador. The diagnosis was offically 'Garbage Disease' common in the Labrador causing acute illness from unknown object being consumed.

Lesson learnt here is just how important it is to have some level of control over your dog, so as of next week he will not be going out with his friends, nor will I.. I will be out early with the other three dogs then returning for some one-to-one training with Alfie aka Garbage Guts.

The picture was taken last weekend on our beach walk. Tomorrow is either not the beach or a long line we can hurl him back on.

Hope you are all having a boring weekend, as to me boring would be very good.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

How much fun is this?


I finally found a youtube video that 'clicked' and taught me how to do this. Not quite in Zoe's league yet (doodle queen) but having a lot of fun and a head just bursting with new ideas. The above, I called 'Angel' is the first full page doodle I have done, was over a couple of days and I really enjoyed it.

Here is my next one, I got brave here and added some watercolour too and some lettering, again took me a couple of days to finish. But thats due to lack of free time really, I just kept picking it up. I do need some new pens I think, just using a bic ink pen at the moment.

.. and then I got really brave and tried a spot of colour. Not only that, but I read a 'true' doodle is one made from just a scribble of the pen and see were that leads, so this one was just that, a total scribble I then turned into my own monster and called him 'nightmare', dont ask me why I used felt tips to colour him in I now think paint would have been better but no matter, he was fun to do.

I have seen a few pen and ink doodles with watercolour, so I have the watercolours at the ready for a play, need plenty more practice with them as a different ballgame to the acrylics I have been used too.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend whatever our weird weather is throwing at you, ours has been a showery weekend, but dry and windy today and a bit chilly to say its July. Please do spare a thought for our friends in the USA though many of whom are experiencing some truly terrible weather.