Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Hello All
Some of you may already have read my ranting on Folksy or The Craft Forum, so I wont repeat it but had a tough time last couple of days which has fortunatly taught me a lot.
For those of you out there putting in 50+ hours at your crafts, STOP!!! Its too much, you need to take some time out and have a break, a tired crafter will not be a good one I'm sure. So I have given myself the day off today.
Todays message is to take care of yourself and stop over working, its not good for us - we need to stop and smell the roses, as there are not any out yet I thought I would share one of last years photos.
If you can spare the cash, take some time out and go shopping on Folksy and treat yourself to something nice:) Lots of mothers day gifts out there so plenty of choice.
Wednesday and Thursday are busy days for me with the day job and other commitments so I usually struggle to get some sewing done before dog training later on by which time I am exhausted and cant wait to get home to my bed, so today no sewing just a couple of hours flitting about on the forums and reading the blogs people take time to write, then hopefully be more relaxed for dog training which will go better, then home to bed - no catching up here or anywhere else.
Hard to put this into words without going into boring details, but it is really important to take some time out before you burn out. Take Care now as tomorrow is another new, and hopefully sunny day.


  1. Wise words and thanks for comment on my blog,do feel a bit ruff at the mo, Linda

  2. your right Lynda, yesterday I took a step back and realised i'd been neglecting the important things to me like my partner we all need to have a rest and enjoy life. Take care xxxx

  3. Yes, wise words. So, I took time off yesterday and today as a result got home at 4.30pm and worked through till 7pm and now peeved at the time I have lost. Probably now spend the whole weekend trying to catch up LOL.