Thursday, 29 April 2010

Introducing the Miniature Cats

I tydied up my little Lavender cats today, and re photographed them ready to go in the Folksy shop. Not a bad attempt for me, I think they look pretty good, hoping to do the dogs tomorrow.

First this evening I must thank Mick from for his very kind words of wisdom yesterday, I was having a rather low day. It got much better though, when some lovely friends of mine offered a lot of help and support for the future, and more than anything actually believe in me which means an awful lot. So, no more doldrums and carry on upwards. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Business Link, were I am going to attempt a grant (worth a try), so have an awful lot of homework to do tonight.

Cut out is new design number 4, still awaiting eyelets for the completion of the others, I am hoping to finish off a custom design for me to show off at the Greyhound Rescue show in Stoke I am going to on Sunday, complete with pockets full of business cards. I am getting a bit fed up with said seller, worst of it is he was recommended by U-Handbag, so if he doesnt make return contact with me soon I may well have to let them know - I dont mind if things are slow if the seller bothers to let you know or at least communicate in some way, but no items and no communication is a tad frustrating, and the items were very costly to me.

Right, off back to study the business link information pronto.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. That's better :) a lovely extremely positive blog post! Lovely Lavender cats, and the photo is smashing..don't they look great set against the red background!

    Loads and loads of luck with Business link, can't wait to hear all about it!


  2. Thanks Mick, do I really have to go into the business link fiasco? will try remember, just sorting out photo for todays 'positive' blog:)