Thursday, 8 April 2010

Alfie star Agility Dog

Here is my rescue Labrador Alfie, doing his first agility show at last weekends show. We are very proud of him as when he arrived with us last November he had no training and no manners. Now look at him, he did very well.

Yes, here I am again doing no work whatsoever now I have the electric back I 'should' be catching up on some work but no, I have sat here checking all the forums, facebook and updating here - well, it is sort of work a bit of promotion thrown in:)

My next handbag is 'Garden birds' makes a change from dogs eh? Hoping this might attract some new attention.

After yesterday's fiasco, we now need a new cooker, so off shopping for one of those tomorrow afternoon, so another day with not much work done, promise to get back to it at weekend. Also been into work today to try start the fight for some redundancy pay, nothing forthcoming yet so not a happy bunny, been told the earliest will be end of the month, not really good enough - but do I really want to head down the tribunal route? mmh, not just yet. I think there is little point with a company that has ceased trading and has other debts, but will wait and see how it goes.

Bit chilly here today, sunny but not that warm. I am also on the look out for how to create a rucksack if anyone out there has any idea's, been asked by some of the dog walkers.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

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  1. Sounds like a grim week - hope you get the redundancy pay sorted out ASAP.

    Re the rucksack, I found this on the Internet - hope it helps: