Thursday, 15 April 2010

The dog lovers lavendar wheat bag

So here we have them, the very first SimJaTa dog lovers lavendar scented wheat bags. Now then, think goldilocks........... Bag one looks good, but has far too much wheat in it, Bag two is pretty has the right amount of wheat and lavendar, Bag three is actually just a cover for a wheat bag and I doubt microwave safe, created to put the bag in after heating for comfort purposes? well I thought it a good idea.

Now, the next step will be to see just how many microwaves I can blow up when I test them - think I will await hubby's presence for that one, as my history of blowing up microwaves and their contents is not so good, or is that very good? as I have succeded in that one a few times. Then, once I get that bit right to find the right safety instructions to go with them. I have contacted British Standards to see how I go about gaining a kite mark, and how much that will be - hopefully after that I go grovelling to Business Link for that one LOL. I know its not necessary as others do not do it, but will help sales and safety if I can make that possible.

Now you see why the lavendar plantation is on the cards too. I love lavendar always have, and spent many a year with the wheat bag on my neck and shoulders at night, only just found out one of the ways to stop setting them alight is the egg cup of water in the micro with them, and to let them cool first before re-heating them. I also grew lavendar at both my previous houses, just because I liked it in the garden, I dont actually have a garden now - but have pots, and my parents, friends and neighbours have gardens, and have already volunteered to help the growing and harvesting process.

Not stopping the handbags of course, I am on with that too, infact I have completed the garden birds and will treat you to that one tomorrow, just incase I get stuck for something to write about LOL.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

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