Saturday, 1 May 2010

Custom Rucksack

Well here it is (minus the eyelets, which apparently can take up to 10 days second class post from Essex!!!)My first drawstring rucksack ready for tomorrow's show at Greyhound Gap. Next job is to order some lockable toggles to help the drawstring bit, and maybe add a secure fasten, not sure yet, but hopefully the design will be enough for tomorrow. The extra tag on the side is for an eyelet to add a hook for keys, or poo/treat bags.

Had a smashing day, Alfie went to have his picture taken and we have a lovely picture of us with him and a CD on order with all the rest of them taken they were so good, also permission to use them at Woof Beginnings for merchandise as long as we mention the photographers name. When I get around to it in the week I will scan it to show you.

After that I visited the 'singer sewing machine shop' were Mum has ordered me a fantastic new sewing machine, I pick it up next Saturday and I cant wait - no more hassles of stuck thread and tangles, and all mod cons, 30 super stitches and a zipper foot, oh and a quilting foot - am I excited or what?

In brief the meeting with Business Links local 'grant' section was a disaster, no additional business advice given, nothing I didnt already know anyway - and no grant, unless I am classed as disabled or referred from DWP, and it seems my postcode is an 'affluent' area, which is hysterical, ok at the other side of were I live we do have premium league footballers, but certainly not this end. So, the fact I went armed with products, business plan etc was a total waste of time, infact the whole thing was a waste of time - I was advised to try selling at a car boot sale? my opinion on that one is not printable.

In the next few weeks I have some local places to visit who have shown an interest in selling my wares, so much to do so little time LOL.


  1. Bag looks really good and definately check out local places to try and sell your wares. Dont give up hope you will get there. Love the cat lavendar pouches, try them at craft fairs they should sell well. We sell more items in cat fabric than anything else.
    Keep smiling xx

  2. 10 days!! remind me not to order anything fromEssex lol...Thats a complete joke about Business if Mrs T was back in power as prime-minister you would get all the help you need setting up a new business.


  3. Welcome Lisa, thank you for joining and adding comment, must try more cats then LOL.

    Mick, afraid I have lost hope with Business Link in my area I am told they only have interest in larger businesses.

    Lynda x