Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Some of you who follow this blog will have seen this before, but I have just listed this Airedale Terrier handbag on my Folksy shop - having just noticed the handle has a twist, so decided to list it at a reduced price as I think its lovely anyway.

Been out most of day so little else done, joined business link today and been studying step one, think that might take me a day or so to digest, horrified by the whole idea of a business plan but has to be done, somehow.

Also spent an hour earlier tidying work space as was getting far too cluttered even for me, bought 2 more huge containers for fabric - and have one more on the way, that should be enough to house tomorrow's 'Lifeboat Shop' visit, I need something to line my new handbag project with, my friend Paula donated some wooden handles to me today so I can have a try at this new design.

That along with the beginnings of the lavendar plantation - well I have the pots!

Dog club shortly, so off to try work out how to use the new cooker and make something for tea first.

Also entered the Airedale handbag on Facebook to see if that can create some publicity too.

Quiet day all round really.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa


  1. WOW...another busy day for then! Can't wait to see the results of the Lavender plantation :)


  2. HI there - thanks for leaving a comment on the new Cloth Store blog!
    You wanted to know when the black polyester thread was in stock - it is now...

    best wishes, Anna