Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Introducting Lavender Wheat Bags

They're heeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!! Well, they are crafted, labelled and packaged at least. All I have to do next is list them in the shop. Introducting my first line in Lavender filled wheat bags, the first run does contain French Lavender - but the next lot will be locally grown English. Of course in time (hopefully) they will be home grown lavender.

I hope to list them in the next day or so, but a bit short on time. Even more so than usual, tomorrow I have a meeting with the bank manager and I also have been chatting to Business Link, so soon to have a meeting with Sefton Elect, my local business people for a chat and some help and advice. So, been busy with paperwork, business plan and new products to take and display.

There will also be another new product soon, then to follow a new handbag design - once I have managed to perfect it - that may well be another week off yet.

Dashing off now, as have to sort out family meal - dogs liver cake for training school tonight, and take Alfie the reprobate labrador there.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Lovely! I love the top one! It's so cute :):)
    Paper work, keeping account, sorting out business plan... these are all my husband jobs as it's too difficult for me to manage ><
    Good luck!

  2. I love the piggy one! They are soo cool and funky are they made from fleece?
    Good luck with the bank manager etc I hate doing any of the paperwork side and just wing it lol

  3. Thanks both x

    they are wheat bags, with seperate fleece covers.
    My OH helped with business plan but points out its 'my' business so all down to me, meany that he is. Glad its not just me that hates that side of things.

    Lynda x

  4. the pink piggy one. Reminds me of my bullie girl. Well she has been mistaken for a pig and a sheep before by several youngsters!

    Gail x