Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Coldest place in the world EVER

Hi all

First I am sorry I cannot keep up with all the blogs I have missed over the last few days, too many to get through - promise to do better now things are back to 'almost' normal. So, the 3 day garden festival, or 4 day if you count setting up on Friday was the single coldest place in the world EVER, I think Siberia would have been warmer. Friday we set up the gazebo tables, stands etc in a huge downpour of torrential rain and the worlds worst wind, Saturday there very early as despite having watched us set up the organiser wanted us to move again! Weather looked nice with the sun, but boy was it cold, more clothes needed for Sunday...

Sunday, still not enough clothes, and everything had blown over and collapsed when we got there - took us till about 10.30am to secure it all with a few SOS messages to some super friends who came and bailed us out.

Monday, dull and not as cold - but then I had enough clothes on to resemble the Mitchelan Man, but worst thing was the weather was so dull and miserable the place was like the Marie Celeste. I am now very tired, in a lot of pain and have wind burn on my face - LOL.

We did however manage to raise £326.52 for Woof Beginnings, so not too bad an amount to say there was few people attending.

My bags did didly:( but then, I couldnt display them as it was so windy so that didnt help. I gave out a few leaflets and cards and people did admire them, but as is often said this one was of those venue's were people were not looking to spend much money, our stall sold mainly small items or the odd mug and t-shirt, nothing over £6 was spent by anyone. The handbags were admired by some, and I did get asked for the dog breeds I didnt have (of course) so I do have an idea what to work on now, might also have a few leads for further promotion so here's hoping.

Today's picture is of hubby finishing off the stall on Saturday Morning, this was our best day for the stall as the wind was behind us.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa


  1. Sounds like you had an experience (or was it an adventure) !

    Onwards and upwards!!

  2. Wow sounds eventful! Pity the weather was soo poor for you hopefully now spring/summer is coming your next fair will be a lot better.