Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ever had one of those days?

Quick post tonight, explaining my absence from everywhere and that of my website.

So, up early this morning lots to do, starting off making liver cake for tonights dog training class, all going well ready to go in oven by 8am, turn on the oven and Kaput! all the electric goes off! Hubby in Clitheroe on a course so all alone, I very cleverly (I thought) worked out how to sort out the trip switch and put it back on, nothing.... i work out it must be a cooker fault, turn oven off elec back on. Great, stuck with pan of livecake and no oven, take that to Mums later to cook. Worse than that though, we have our own servers so they all reset knocking off all the websites and email, get hubby on phone to talk me through how to reset cant do it, have to wait for him to be home. Turn on PC, nothing............... find out all the elec has gone downstairs except in kitchen, so at least appliances are on, but no electric down here - means no pc, and worse than that No Sewing Machine!!!!

So till hubby came home I had no cooker, no tv, no pc, no sewing machine. He has now fixed the elec and servers so the power and the website is back. Cooker is terminal so can go to cooker heaven along with the freezer that also packed up the night before.

Still, its not the end of the world there are people far worse off - just thought I would explain today's absence from everywhere, and lack of work done. Though I did cut out all of the next handbag ready to start on hopefully tomorrow.

Oooh, nearly missed a bit, on the plus side I gave my tale of woe to the nice man in Pets at Home, who when I told him what I did for a living said his wife likes handbags, so he got a business card and then told me my day must get better for that LOL.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa


  1. aaaaah, sounds like hell. Doesn't it make you realise how much we rely on Electricity when things like that happen. I have lived on a Narrowboat for the last few years and now certainly appreciate electricity, water etc etc. Reminds me of the power-cuts we used to have in the 70s..wasn't it wonderful!

  2. Are you suggesting I can remember the 70's LOL.

    Afraid electricity is pretty essential for an on line sewing business.
    Loosing more time now, having to shop for a new cooker tomorrow:(