Saturday, 17 April 2010

Formby Sunset

Guess what we did last night? yes, in light of the recent news reports we thought we would go capture an interesting sunset at Formby Point, unfortunatly due to PC probs I only have one I took on my trusty Panasonic not the rest of the camera equipment we had with us, still you get the drift. It was a lovley evening though a touch on the chilly side to say the least.

Today, I have done all the preparation for the lavendar planting tomorrow - visited the garden centre and taken all the advice whilst purchasing the plants. Also I attempted a new handbag, and to anyone who can actually attach wooden handles with gathered fabric and do this in the sewing machine I take my hat off to you, as my attempt was a disaster - so that will NOT be a new design seen here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa thats for sure. Took me all afternoon and into early evening. So back to the drawing board on new designs, going to have another crack tomorrow at something else, after the gardening.

Also trying to wade through a business plan for Mrs bank manager, eeeeeeeeeeeek - not doing so great at that either, I think I need to make enough money to pay someone to do the paperwork side of things, I just want to create, she says and goes off in (hopeful) creative flounce.


  1. That is a wonderful are so lucky to live near to the beach! (I only get to see it once a year :(