Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Here is our Alfie (black Labrador) with his pals from scent work on Monday. Centre is Sophie, other collie is Beau. They do their work at training, then go for a play afterwards. Due to our Alfie being such a wayward boy he needs his mind occupying quite a lot, tonight is obediance and tomorrow agility. Sunday we are hoping to go to the Greyhound Gap show to introduce him to some of our friends from down south we havent seen since his adoption.

Slow craft day today, my eyelet kit STILL hasnt arrived so this is holding up the new designs and driving me mad. Also feeling a bit low after a slating from my family about not getting a 'proper' job since my redundancy and more or less accusing me of wasting my time here, thinking cap well and truly on now on how on earth to get some sales in quick to show them I can do it.

If anyone has any advice I sure could do with it right now.



  1. Been there and done that. My family (not my close family I must say) gave me no support and thought I was wasting my time and even today don't take me seriously...don't worry about them and don't do anything just to please long as you are happy that is the main thing...and they should be happy because you are happy.

    As far as sales go, these things take time but WILL happen if you keep doing the things that you are doing. In my opinion, and it is just an opinion, I think any new business does not really begin to see rewards until at least after one year of doing business. I don't believe there is such a thing as an over-night success (well not one that will last anyway).

    WOW - That is certainly my biggest blog comment ever!!

  2. Thank you Mick, the longest blog comment and words of wisdom helped me a lot.

    Tonights blog will be far more positive promise:)

    Lynda x