Thursday, 13 May 2010

Custom Kelpie/Sheep Duffle Bag

Here is the custom duffle bag I made for my friend Sian's birthday yesterday, luckily she was thrilled and lucky for me I gave it to her at dog club so everyone got to have a look, I even got to give out a business card. My friends who gave me the chance to sell at a farm shop got to see it too, and they seemed to approve, though are making me get a move on with the stock for the shop now LOL.

I wasnt around yesterday, the mail server crashed so I had no access to my PC at all for the entire day, I think I had severe withdrawal. Was kept very busy though as said friend Sian had allocated me the task of making a stack of luxury dog treats for club last night, if I get brave enough I might post a picture for you to laugh at, still the dogs seemed to approve.

Today I really MUST get on with duffle bag 2 for the shop, 2 more to go and I can toddle off and see what they think, and more importantly if they sell - now I have been asked for 'bum bags' eeeeeeeeeeek, not a clue how to make them.


  1. A gorgeous bag as always and I like how you have made it so that the sheep are peeking above and to the side of the centre panel. Good luck with the bum bags!


  2. You dont miss a trick do you? LOL.

    Thank you Mick x