Sunday, 16 May 2010

Meet the Dolphins

Introducing the Dolphins.... Here is the last of the backpacks for the organic farm shop, hopefully off on their travels this week. Such a super fabric, but sadly now all gone, I couldnt bare to waste the few remaining pieces so I created some more Lavender Sachets and added them to my Folksy shop.

I have mentioned in my listing the local Lavender Farm, which I am lucky enough to be visiting tomorrow with my friend Sian - just one more sleep left I have been looking forward to this all week.

My next blog (hopefully) will be all about the new website I have registered with You may have noticed the new logo at the side, why not take a look for yourselves first?

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Thats my kind of fabric, lovely and peaceful and tranquil, I love it!

    Thanks for the craftsforcharity mention again!