Saturday, 22 May 2010

Silly Sheep and Border Collie

Well, this one has taken some time. Anyone who is a member of the Craft Forum will know my lovley new sewing machine had a hissy fit this week and destroyed 7 needles on the trot, after a bit of dismantling and a visit to the Singer Shop this morning hopefully all is now well again, but certainly been a fraught couple of days.

This morning I discovered a great blog this lady deals with rescue rare breed sheep, how fascinating is that? There is even a raffle to raise funds for them.

This afternoon I braved the tremendous heat and visited my first Quilt Fair with my Mum, what nobody ever warned me about was the sales section with lots of lovely fabrics and many other things I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed! So both Mum and I are now totally skint, but I have some great new fabrics and would just love to learn quilting if I ever get the time, I do dabble with bits here and there, but to be able to create such wonderful works of art as these clever ladies do would be fabulous. I also got a stack of magazines to work through.

I have just listed the Owl Backpack I showed in my last post, in the Folksy shop it is very nice so hoping it finds a new home were it can be appreciated. Today's border collie design is featuring Nell, and some silly sheep, the back is suit wool and the lining duvet cover that was.

Hope you are all coping with the heat, afraid I am not a fan of it at all, its sweltering in this house making everything a HUGE effort to get on with, and as for sleep? forget it.............the dogs are as miserable as sin and all trying to fight for position under the fan.

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  1. Love the sheep fabric, we have used same fabric on a memo board. Glad your machine sorted now.