Sunday, 23 May 2010

Prototype bum bag

Another hot one today, making the old work conditions a tad tricky. I have been working on the requested bum bag today, not finished yet as my brain appears to have gone to sleep and I cannot get my head around the webbing bit so that needs sorting and the velcro ordered hasnt turned up yet. So, I have cut out the next one complete with Border Collie picture and see if my brain and my eyes improve later if not will be tomorrow.

Adventures here today, we took the dogs out to the beach for a cooling and quick walk, and got stuck in the sand. Photographs of this entire ordeal will be seen on my forum at Woof Beginnings later, when our dear friends who came to bail us out (once they finished laughing) arrived complete with camera to add to the humiliation, you would think after living by the coast for 44 years I would know all about sand by now. The walk was not as quick as intended after the adventure, but the dogs still had their walk and a quick dip to cool off.

Sorry to you sun worshippers, but I am NOT a fan of this weather, my house again is like a furnace and my craft room unbareable.


  1. Just got back from the Lake Ditrict and it is unbearable here compared to there! Cant wait to see the photo's and good luck with finishing the bum-bag...right now back to my 1000000 emails!


  2. Welcome back, wondered where you were?

    The photo's are in Unrelated Chat on the Woof Beginnings forum.