Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Quilting Anyone?

After my visit to the quilt show I was totally inspired, I just 'had' to have a go, so here is my very first attempt at a cushion, not finished yet of course, but I am hoping it will magically turn into a cushion cover over night?

After hours of looking at Amazon and on the net for books, I have one magazine on its way, and visiting the library this morning returning with 5 books I have so far flicked through, must sit down and read properly.

Anyone in the know will see there is puckering which I tried to hide with buttons, and some of the stitches caught too, I think mistake number one is the batting is too thick, mistake number 2 was trying metalic thread which clogged up all my machine and took an age to sort out. Meanwhile I started on cover 2, which is hand quilted, I do find this easier but will be next week before I get that one done no doubt. I really need to get to grips with machine quilting somehow...... I do have the walking foot on, but think I need help and a lot more practice.

On a good note, the backpacks are off to the organic farm shop tomorrow, hoping they will sell over the bank holiday weekend, and my friend and I are doing a stall at a dog show on Monday, so everything crossed for that, will probably take the hand quilting with me so I can get something done during the quieter times.

Anyone willing to help with the quilting and give me some pointers would be most welcome, or guide me to a good 'Idiots guide to machine quilting'.

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  1. oooh! Can't help you with this one but hat's off to you for having a go. I have always wanted to do this but have never got around to it!

    Good luck with the farm shop and the dog show, and fingers crossed that you don't get any 'quiet times'!