Sunday, 9 May 2010

SimJaTa Rucksacks have arrived

At last the first of the rucksacks are ready. Hubby and his hammer conquered some eyelets (donated from a kind bod on local town forum), and a day spent threading and creating today.
I have introduced one onto the Folksy shop, and may list another tomorrow, though the main stock I am busy on are to go off to the organic farm who have kindly agreed to be an outlet for me. I have lots of desings in my head, my hands are just not fast enough, or is that my eyes? as after some small ribbon sewing today they are shot for the night so I cant get anymore done today.
I have also been sorting out some photo's to improve the shop and started on that, the good old 'Purple Frog Handbag' now looks improved, and going to have a go at the 'Happy Green Frog Handbag' in a mo.

Tomorrow I have to get some fabric printed for some designs, and print out some leaflets as my super forum pal 'Fluffy Squirrel' is going to dish out some leaflets for me at her next show and to her local dog owners world.

Did I mention the new sewing machine? that arrived yesterday, and I'm sure once I get to grips with it will save me some time, and enable me to show off some great stitch work. However, just now its taking me longer whilst we get used to each other.

I hope you all like my new rucksacks, I will probably show off a few on here before I get around to stock for the Folksy shop. Tomorrow I have one to do as a gift, and now I have the toggle locks my own custom rucksack (seen on here) is much improved so will be having an outing to dog training this week, and then perhaps a few trips on the dog walk, filled with trusty business cards.

Off in search of some eyelets and coloured rope, oh and perhaps some more photo adjusting in the Folksy shop.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. The rucksacks look extremely professional and I especially love the piggy one!

    I watched a local dog training club doing a demo yesterday and it was fantastic! I still can't get over how obedient they were in front of the crowd, and the dogs were well behaved too!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks Mick, all I need to do now is try sell some. I like pigs too.

    Can tell it wasnt my lot you watched doing a demo then, my Jaja usually runs from the ring.