Thursday, 20 May 2010

Luxury Owl Backpack

Wow, this one took me some time! Last week I was lucky enough to lay my hands on this wonderful Burgandy sheen fabric at the charity shop, then luckier still to discover it matched this owl fabric. The downside once I started to work with it was its ability to fray something terrible, so the side seams are stitched three times and overlocked, and I used a matching cushion cover fabric for the base for a studier effect. The lining again, found in charity shop is a strong cotton sateen in peach, this looks lovely but thankfully was a dream to work with.

The effects of this wonderful fabric, along with the mink coloured cord have the result of a luxury appearance.

So, today's decision is do I put this in the Folksy shop? or do I wait and see if the lovely Lavender people get back to me about my wares in their shop, send it to the organic farm shop, or keep it for the show I am doing at bank holiday?

I have also received today a lovley new pattern for a nice tote design, a rucksack and the bum bag I was asked for - though following pattern's is not really my forte so that will be a challenge, the bum bag looks good in the picture LOL, had to hastily then order some velcro for that one, but have all the notions in for everything else already. If the bum bag works well, I should really knock up a good stock for the dog show I am going too, though as its a week on Monday not a whole lot of time available for that, could always drop some more sleep hours zzz, zzz, zzz.

Next move return to craft room and decide what to start on next? aside from dog walking meant to be doing a good few hours work today, so must crack on. May well be another sheep bag, as my advert will be in Spirit of Border Collie in June, so should really give the readers something of their interest at least to look at.

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  1. I still can't get my head around how you come across these gorgeous fabrics! Decisions, decisions with where to put isn't that good that you have so many options!