Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sheepdog Duffle Bag/Rucksack

These Sheepdog Duffle Bags by Bags of Swank at SimJaTa, are not on sale in my shop but will be enjoying a journey to the local organic farm shop hopefully next week with some other stock.

This one features a fabulous photograph of my friends sheepdog Nell, in the van with a lamb. Hopefully another bag to show how a photograph can be added to a bag of your choice.

I am currently working on a Dolphin bag as requested for the shop (or at least I would be if I had actually done any work today) and have another sheep one finished which I havent got around to photographing as yet.

So many bags to do, so little time................


  1. I love love love your sheep fabric, how mega cute is that :0)

  2. That is lovely, I love your bags. When I get some spare money will contact you. Linda x

  3. You manage to find some fantatic fabric and I do love those sheep. Good luck with the farm shop sales!


  4. Thank you for taking time to look everyone xx