Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hello people,

Bit late on the blog today, as I was just waiting for Hubby to send the website live so I could post the link. So, live it is! Not much on it yet, and not much in the shop it links to either but at least I am getting there albeit sloooooooooooowly. He still has the guestbook to set up and between us we need to sort out a gallery page, this involves us both having to have some free time at the same time, no mean feat that one.

Got the dog walking done early today, as Hubby had his car to work on and I wanted to get some work done, so managed 6 hours at the sewing machine, inbetween nipping on the The Craft Forum for a nosey around, a girl has to take breaks you know!

I was going to save the boucle handbag, which actually now reminds me of Candy Floss till tomorrow, but I have something else to waffle on about then, so as I got it done today thought I would show you that, again it may make it on to the Folksy shop in the week who knows?

The handbag is made from a skirt I purchased in the Lifeboat shop last week, with a bit of curtain fabric and lined with a recycled t-shirt, the little flower is one of my Mum's creations she does the crochet thing, never was any good with larger needles myself. Not sure what I make of it really, will see how that one and the tapestry one get on, I am far happier doing the handbags with dogs on, so have gone back to that today, currently working on a gundog handbag which features Retrievers, Red Setters and Springer Spaniels - far more to my tastes. I have decided I can still continue the recycled theme with the addition of some dog fabric or prints, and I do find I enjoy that far more. I did try to cater for people out there who are not dog fans, but I am struggling with that. I also have some horse fabric and cat fabric, so perhaps have a go at that in the future, at least they are animals so should keep me happy.

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