Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lets start at the beginning with bag number one (dont laugh). This is were it started, I ordered a kit from ebay modified it a bit and wanted to create a bag with some of my dogs and their friends. Before I knew it, I was creating a few of these for friends. I have progressed a little since, remember this is just the beginning and going back a year.
Before I go any further I must mention the reason for this blog, is due to my recently joining 'Thecraftforum' who have advised this to be step one in increasing some sales, I currently have 4 bags on ebay which are running till Sunday, that will be my last attempt on ebay. The next step will be to advertise bags on a Folksy shop, the link will be added once I get that far. Bare with me as I am not so PC savy, this may take some time.

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